The Outbound Email

The Outbound Email

The Outbound Email

What is it: A carefully crafted outbound email is thing of beauty. And when you see that a prospect has not only opened your email, but was interested enough to click on your links? Pure bliss. Now, imagine you were alerted when this interested prospect arrived on your website. That dream is a reality with "The Outbound Email" experience. Qualified will recognize users from your outbound email campaigns and alert the relevant sales team member. At that point, your sales team can jump in and engage with the prospect in real time.

Where to use it: If your sales team is sending outbound emails through platforms like Outreach or SalesLoft, this is a must-have experience. Configure this experience across your website and alert the proper sales rep the moment their prospect arrives on your website.

Why do it: Until now, outbound sales reps have relied on emails, phone calls, and voicemails to connect with prospects. Now, sales reps have the chance to meet with prospects the moment they've demonstrated interest and engaged with your content.

The business impact: Your business development reps get more at-bats. They have the opportunity to have real-time sales conversations, or book meetings, right on your website.

Live chat can increase your conversion rates by up to 40%. -EMarketer

Building the Experience

We've broken down how to build The Outbound Email in a few easy steps.

Key Takeaways

Companies like Inside are using The Outbound Email Experience as the final piece of their outbound experience. Every sales rep wants one thing: more meetings with hot prospects. With The Outbound Email experience, your sales team has a new tool in their toolkit - the ability to have real-time sales conversations when outbound prospects arrive on your website.

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