The Paid Traffic Converter

The Paid Traffic Converter

The Paid Traffic Converter

What is it: As a marketer, you spend time and money crafting effective digital marketing campaigns on platforms like Google, LinkedIn, or G2. No matter the platform, the goal is always the same: engage individuals that represent your target customer and drive them to your website. With The Paid Traffic Converter Experience, you immediately know when someone has arrived from a paid advertisement and can greet them with a tailored, real-time sales experience.

Where to use it: Use the Paid Traffic Converter Experience across your website when your team has spent a significant amount of time and/or money on a digital campaign that drives traffic to your site (the amount is relative to each organization). Start by focusing on your most expensive and important campaigns. Make sure to use messaging that is relevant to that campaign to maximize engagement and streamline the customer experience. Once you nail your first Paid Traffic Converter Experience, expand to more paid campaigns.

Why do it: If you're a marketer, chances are the majority of your budget is carved out for paid advertising. Maximize your chance of conversion by presenting your paid audience with an easier way to sign up for your product, talk to a rep, or book a demo.

The business impact: More conversations started with individuals that you're explicitly trying to attract to your website, maximizing your marketing budget spend.

In 2019, B2B companies spent $5.12Billion driving website traffic, yet only 1-2% of traffic converted into leads. -eMarketer, US B2B Digital Ad Spending Report

Building the Experience

We've broken down how to build The Paid Traffic Converter in a few easy steps.

Key Takeaways

If you're spending money on digital marketing campaigns, this experience is perfect for you. Companies like Berke Assessment are doing The Paid Traffic Converter to engage and convert their hard-earned, qualified website traffic.

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