The Competitive Advantage

The Competitive Advantage

The Competitive Advantage

What is it: The Competitive Advantage is an Experience dedicated to making sure your visitor has a clear understanding about how you differentiate (and beat) your competition. It starts with a targeted and compelling greetings. Then, it provides multiple paths for them to learn how your product is superior. This might be feature differentiation, how-to transition guides, or customer testimonials. Once you've planted your flag, you can send them to your Sales team to continue the conversation. All of these are tools in your toolbelt for you to use solidify your "competitive advantage."

Where to use it: The Competitive Advantage Experience is a staple for any dedicated competitive landing pages, where you're directly addressing your competition. If you are running competitive ad campaigns, try using The Competitive Advantage wherever users are landing there.

Why do it: Your team may have created an incredible competitive landing page, or you may be running a super effective ad campaign that gets a ton of traffic looking for alternatives to your competitors' products. That's awesome, but don't let that be the end of the story. The Competitive Advantage capitalizes on your visitors making it this far, and connects these interested shoppers to a person on your team.

The business impact: More meetings for Sales team with very high potential buyers that are familiar (and potentially unhappy) with your space via a competitor's offering. These should be closer to the finish line than your standard prospects.

Building the Experience

We've broken down how to build The Competitive Advantage in a few easy steps.

When to Use It

The Competitive Advantage is a tremendous addition to any competitive campaigns your team is running. Great Qualified customers like InsideView have implemented The Competitive Advantage to ensure that visitors 1) have a easy access to meaningful resources and 2) a direct line to your team. This makes it easy for any potential visitors to understand why you're better, and how they can make a move to your offering instead.

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