Introducing Qualified Signals, Account-Based Sales Intelligence for Salesforce


Qualified Signals is an AI-driven product that combines website engagement with Salesforce data to surface the buying intent of a B2B company’s target accounts, helping sales reps focus their prospecting efforts to generate more pipeline and revenue.

As the third major new product innovation of the year, Qualified Signals offers powerful new features including Signals Account Trends, Signals Account 360, and Signals for Salesforce.

SAN FRANCISCO, November 2, 2021 — Qualified.com, the conversational sales and marketing company for revenue teams that use Salesforce, today unveiled Qualified Signals. Signals is a groundbreaking new account-based sales intelligence product that arms sales teams with valuable buying intent data, helping sellers prioritize their prospecting efforts and generate more pipeline. This is the third major product the company has released this year, following Qualified X, the company’s flagship conversational sales and marketing offering, and Qualified Xforce, the world’s first native conversational platform built exclusively for Salesforce.

Over the past decade, the most successful B2B companies have embraced an account-based sales approach, rallying their revenue teams around a set of target accounts that meet their ideal customer profile and have the potential to bring in substantial revenue. However, when it comes to which accounts to prioritize, sales reps lack insight into which accounts are in-market to buy and where they should be focusing their prospecting efforts.

Simultaneously, target accounts are exploring their corporate website; they’re exploring their high-intent pages, having conversations with chatbots and sales reps, and more. This behavior is a key indicator of buying intent, but until now, this first-party intent data has been inaccessible by sales teams. If sales reps could better understand how their target accounts are behaving across their corporate website, they would have a clear picture of which accounts are showing propensity to buy, and where to focus their time. 

Qualified Signals is an account-based sales intelligence product purpose-built for Salesforce customers and designed to surface up buying intent behavior from target accounts visiting their website. With a proprietary AI predictive model, Qualified Signals collects hundreds of thousands of website data points to determine which accounts are in-market to buy and sales-ready. Qualified Signals’ maximizes sales rep prospecting efforts through several new features, including: 

Signals AI Predictive Model: The proprietary model uses a number of variables from the website—like mouse movement, clicks, scroll depth, page views, active time on site, chatbot engagement, live chat, voice calls, meetings booked, recency and frequency of visits, and visitor count—to predict an account’s propensity to buy. Then the model designates a temperature from the Signals Heat Index; a measurement scale that quantifies an account’s purchase intent. Temperatures fluctuate in real time and sales reps can then stack-rank accounts to decide which warrant immediate attention.

Signals Account Trends: Signals offers a high-level overview of intent for all accounts over time, categorizing each by trend—like cooling, neutral, heating, or surging—to denote whether purchase intent is climbing or waning. This overview can also be customized using unique Salesforce Account data to hone in on the accounts that matter most, like ABM tier, account owner, region, or industry. 

Signals Account 360: At the individual account-level, Signals showcases hundreds of data points about website visitors rolled up under one account. This includes a dynamic graph that visualizes purchase intent fluctuations over time as well as an account timeline—a detailed, highly visual, timestamped overview of notable website events that occurred throughout the buying process. This offers sales reps a robust account profile and gives total visibility of each interaction on the account.

Signals for Salesforce: Signals data can also be found inside Salesforce where sales reps spend a significant portion of their day. This data is discoverable on the Salesforce Account record for quick access and pertinent Signals data points can be pushed to custom fields. Revenue Operations teams can then build custom reports and dashboards to guide sales reps and their prospecting strategies.

Signals Mobile & Slack Alerts: If purchase intent for an account is trending upward or downward, sellers will be notified as soon as the account hits a certain threshold on the Heat Index. Alerts can be sent in real time across channels like Qualified Mobile, Slack, or email to prompt immediate action. If reps prefer a less frequent cadence, daily or weekly email digests can be sent instead.

Signals for Qualified X: Qualified Signals amplifies Qualified X, bringing purchase intent data to the visitor level within your conversational sales and marketing application. When a sales rep prospects into a target account, they’re instantly notified when that account arrives on the site plus they have all intent data at the ready. They can instantly meet with the prospect using a full stack of meeting tools, including chat, voice, and screen-sharing.

“Qualified Signals is sales intelligence reimagined. Now I can use valuable website data to direct my sales reps to exactly the right accounts, resulting in more pipeline and more revenue,” said Kaushik Patel, SVP, Business Operations at ThoughtSpot.

“In a booming sales tech market, there are countless sales intelligence tools out there but they often overlook the most important sales and marketing asset—the corporate website,” said Kraig Swensrud, co-founder and CEO at Qualified. “Signals arms sellers with an entirely new type of buying intent data, so revenue teams know exactly which accounts to pursue to crush their quota.”

Qualified Signals is currently available for select customers and will be available widely early 2022. To learn more about Signals or any of Qualified’s conversational sales and marketing solutions, visit qualified.com/signals 

About Qualified.com

Qualified is the conversational sales and marketing platform for revenue teams that use Salesforce. Leading B2B brands such as Adobe, Bitly, SurveyMonkey, ThoughtSpot and VMware trust Qualified to grow their pipeline by tapping into their greatest sales & marketing asset — their corporate website — to identify their most valuable buyers, understand their intent and instantly start a sales conversation. Qualified runs natively on Salesforce to give companies a 360-degree view of their website visitors, and is ranked #1 in its category on the Salesforce AppExchange. Headquartered in San Francisco, Qualified is led by former Salesforce CMO Kraig Swensrud and former Salesforce product SVP Sean Whiteley, and funded by Norwest Venture Partners, Redpoint Ventures and Salesforce Ventures. To learn more, visit qualified.com.

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