How It Works

The world’s best sales reps say it loud and clear. Timing is everything.  Your sales reps will now be having instant conversations with qualified leads.


See your website visitors in real-time and know precisely who's qualified

WorldView is where it all starts, a real-time view of your web traffic.  See who's on your site, where they’re from, how they found you, and most importantly, who’s qualified.


Click on any qualified prospect to watch a LiveView of their browsing session

LiveView allows you to see exactly what your qualified visitors are looking at. It provides the perfect context for a conversation.


When you can see everything, you know exactly how to open a conversation

When you know exactly why someone is qualified, and you can see what they're doing, your reps will be able to craft the perfect conversation starter

So much more than live chat.
The full power of an online meeting


Use the full stack of online meeting tools you’re already comfortable with.  Start a live chat and seamlessly evolve the conversation where it needs to go, with voice calls, co-browsing, and full screen sharing.

Live Chat

The easiest way to start a conversation using the messaging paradigm everyone knows

Voice Calls

With one click initiate a voice call for high fidelity interactions that move sales cycles forward faster


Take control of the screen to help navigate and answer questions fast and effectively

Screen Share

Take the conversation wherever it needs to go by sharing content from your browser or another app


Connect Salesforce and
let the pipeline generation begin

Automatically create leads or opportunities in Salesforce. All of your transcripts will be saved as  DVR recordings.  If a qualified prospect is already in Salesforce, we’ll let you know that a VIP is on your site.


Know exactly how conversational
marketing is impacting your business

Understand which conversations deliver pipeline, which reps are performing, and discover how to turn your website into a finely-tuned selling machine.

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Our sales team went ballistic. We went live with Qualified on our most valuable 'brand consulting' campaigns and saw our pipeline skyrocket.

Allie Cefalo, VP, Teneo