Say hello to Qualified AI Conversations, now with AI Copilot

Tap into the perfect combination of AI and SDRs to grow your pipeline, not your payroll.

Say hello to Qualified AI Conversations, now with AI Copilot
Bing Yang
Bing Yang
March 20, 2024
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Say hello to AI Conversations, now with AI Copilot

AI Conversations has arrived! Turbocharged with AI, our flagship product is designed to scale your live chat engagements and maximize pipeline. Today, we’re excited to unveil a key feature—AI Copilot—now generally available to all Qualified customers.

Now more than ever, revenue teams need solutions that help them scale

At Qualified, we are firm believers that the B2B website is the greatest asset available to sales and marketing teams; but it must be maximized for conversion. From day one, our flagship product was designed with this in mind. We set out to build a sales and marketing conversational product that would help buyers and sellers make instant connections on the website, streamline sales cycles, and capture more pipeline.

While this approach has proven invaluable, sales teams have evolved. Sales Development Reps (SDRs) are often on the frontlines of live chat and these teams are shrinking. There are fewer people to engage in conversations, qualify buyers, and convert them into pipeline. These teams need solutions that help them scale.

AI Conversations, with AI Copilot, turbocharges live chat for SDR teams

Recent advancements in AI have accelerated innovation across industries, and at Qualified, we are wielding this technology for the benefit of our customers. I am personally so excited to bring this technology into our flagship product with the release of AI Conversations, now with AI Copilot generally available to all Qualified customers.

AI Copilot offers a suite of AI live chat capabilities that help SDRs be more productive. They can focus on qualified buyers who have expressed interest in a conversation and improve conversation quality with AI-generated responses. This frees up their time to concentrate on other pipeline generating activities, like prospecting and personalization. We breakdown the details below...

NEW! QUALIFIED AI POUNCE: Discern which website visitors are most valuable then proactively initiate a conversation on behalf of SDRs. With AI, greetings are automatically generated using visitor data and browsing activity so they are always personalized and contextually relevant. This frees up time for SDRs to focus on other pipeline generating activities then they can seamlessly join the conversation once the buyer engages.

Greet your best buyers on behalf of SDRs with AI Pounce

QUALIFIED AI SUGGEST: Recommend responses to live chat questions that are quick and accurate. With AI, responses are automatically generated based on context and ingested resources—like product pages, case studies, pricing, or competitive positioning. SDRs can use AI Suggest to prompt a recommended response then edit the output accordingly, which ensures responses are fast, correct, and polished. Moreover, this also offers ongoing education to help SDRs continuously improve.

Get a recommended response in an instant with AI Suggest

QUALIFIED AI EXPAND: Elaborate on shorthand notes, bulleted lists, or keywords to provide a more thorough response, instantly. With AI, responses are automatically generated based on an SDR prompt and ingested resources delivering an output that is thorough, correct, and fast. SDRs don’t need to waste precious time wordsmithing a response that could be riddled with typos or include misinformation. Instead, the response is automatically generated for them.

Elaborate on shorthand notes in a matter of seconds with AI Expand

QUALIFIED AI TUNE: Ensure responses are consistently polite and friendly, helping SDRs strike just the right tone with valuable website visitors. With AI, responses can be automatically refined helping them to respond quickly while also maintaining a level of professionalism.

Ensure every response strikes just the right tone with AI Tune

AI Copilot is a game-changing feature that helps SDRs be better, faster, and rise to the top of the leaderboard. Hundreds of Qualified customers, including Rippling, Magaya, Demostack, Gamma, Alphasense, and Embroker, are actively using AI Copilot and seeing phenomenal results. On average, customers see 5x more conversations and 2x more meetings booked from the website with 50% less effort from SDRs

‍Want to Learn More? 

With AI Copilot, our flagship product continues to evolve into an AI-first live chat solution that’s purpose-built for pipeline generation. And this is just the beginning! We have more AI innovation coming soon so be sure to stay tuned. If you’d like to learn more about AI Conversations, just reach out to us directly on the site. As always, our team is standing by.

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