Meet the Pipeline Cloud, powered by Qualified AI

The Pipeline Cloud, powered by Qualified AI, is designed to help our customers maximize website conversion and supercharge pipeline like never before.

Kraig Swensrud
Kraig Swensrud
August 1, 2023
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Today we unveil the Pipeline Cloud, powered by Qualified AI 

It’s a big day at Qualified. Today we introduce the Pipeline Cloud, powered by Qualified AI. Anchored on four core AI pillars–generative AI, recommendation AI, optimization AI, and predictive AI—the Pipeline Cloud helps companies deliver hyper-personalized website experiences and boost pipeline.

Qualified AI is the fuel that powers our entire Pipeline Cloud platform and is infused into each Pipeline Cloud product: Qualified Conversations, Qualified Chatbots, Qualified Meetings, Qualified Signals—as well as our brand new product, Qualified Offers. We could not be more excited about this game-changing innovation. 

Check out our keynote to see the full vision.👇

The Pipeline Cloud: Helping companies maximize pipeline generation on their corporate website

Since we started Qualified almost five years ago, we’ve had one core purpose: to help companies maximize pipeline generation on their corporate website. This mission has never been more important; in a time of economic headwinds and amidst a challenging selling environment, pipeline generation is paramount. 

The Pipeline Cloud has become the platform for pipeline generation on the website, helping you identify, engage, and convert your hard-earned site traffic. The Pipeline Cloud is your one-stop shop for website conversion with live chat, chatbots, meeting scheduling, marketing offers, and account-based buyer intent.

And what underpins it all is the Pipeline Cloud platform, now powered by Qualified AI. 

Why can't our corporate websites be more like Netflix?

The AI revolution has been underway for more than a decade, with fast acceleration more recently. Companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Spotify, Apple, Instagram–and now Open AI with ChatGPT–have brought unbelievable advancements to the products we see and use almost every day.

At Qualified, we asked ourselves “how can we wield this incredible technology to benefit our product and our customers? How can we use AI to supercharge conversion on the website?”

And the company that inspired our vision the most is Netflix. 

Because at its core, Netflix is just a website with one simple goal: conversion. This means getting visitors to engage and watch for long periods of time. Netflix’s strategy is to deliver a hyper-personalized and totally bespoke experience for each individual customer; no two Netflix experiences are alike. 

Netflix delivers completely unique experiences for each customer

To do this at scale, Netflix harnesses Netflix AI, which is powered by four major AI technologies: recommendation, content generation, automatic optimization, and predictive intelligence. Netflix AI determines in real-time exactly what to show a visitor, boosting both engagement and conversions.

This is what makes our experiences so magical and it’s the reason Netflix is the #1 streaming platform globally. It’s absolutely incredible!

At Qualified, we think our websites should be more like Netflix: recommending content and offers, generating text and imagery, auto-experimenting and auto-optimizing, and predicting which accounts are in market to buy. Today, we’re making that vision a reality with the Pipeline Cloud, powered by Qualified AI. 

Deliver hyper-personalized experiences to each unique visitor and boost conversion with Qualified AI

Most B2B websites have very similar components, like copy, images, buttons, offers, live chat, and chatbots. When a buyer arrives on the website, the Pipeline Cloud completely personalizes every component on the website for this unique visitor and constantly runs experiments to see which components get the most engagement.

Then it continuously optimizes the site to maximize conversions, increase sales conversations, book more sales meetings, and predict which accounts are ready to buy. Behind the scenes is Qualified AI. This is the magic that empowers B2B companies to deliver personalized, highly converting, ‘Netflix-style’ website experiences.

Qualified AI delivers personalized website experiences at scale

Qualified AI: Powering every Pipeline Cloud product

Qualified AI is woven into every single Pipeline Cloud product, helping you have faster, smarter engagements with your VIP buyers at every touchpoint across your website.

The Pipeline Cloud, powered by Qualified AI

Qualified Conversations, powered by Qualified AI

Meet your new conversational co-pilot. Qualified AI helps sales reps scale their live chat engagements with new generative capabilities like auto-expand, auto-suggest, auto-correct, auto-tune, and more.

Qualified Chatbots, powered by Qualified AI

Qualified AI is trained on your website content and Pipeline Cloud data, making chatbots even more intelligent. It’s the secret sauce that enables chatbots to respond to buyers in a meaningful way — answering questions, capturing qualified leads, and booking sales meetings around the clock.

Qualified Meetings, powered by Qualified AI

Qualified AI predicts which visitors are ready for a sales meeting and recommends the appropriate meeting duration, then helps buyers book time with their dedicated account team. 

Qualified Offers, powered by Qualified AI

Qualified AI automatically generates copy for marketing offers on your site, helping you quickly spin up new messaging. Plus, Qualified AI runs experiments to see which offers get the most engagement, and automatically optimizes the highest-performing offer.

Qualified Signals, powered by Qualified AI

Qualified AI’s predictive capabilities tell you which accounts are in-market to buy, informing your next best action.  

The Qualified Platform, powered by Qualified AI

Qualified AI sits within the Qualified Platform, infusing recommendation, generative, optimization, and predictive AI into each core product offering.

The future of pipeline generation is here with the Pipeline Cloud, powered by Qualified AI 

We are beyond excited about the next generation of the Pipeline Cloud, powered by Qualified AI.

I’ve been in the software industry for over 25 years, and I can say with confidence that I’ve never been more thrilled about the future of technology. 

If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to talk. Feel free to chat with us live on the website at any time, our team is standing by.

We cannot wait to help you think big with your corporate website, connect with your website visitors in a meaningful way, and generate more pipeline than ever before.

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