The Smart Button

The Smart Button

The Smart Button

What is it: The Smart Button gives qualified visitors the opportunity to click on a button and join a live sales conversation.

Where to use it: Use this experience across your website when website visitors meet you qualification criteria. Serve up a button that says "Talk to Sales" or "Schedule a Meeting" when visitors match your ideal customer profile. This button will trigger either a live conversation or a chatbot experience, depending on what makes sense for your business.

Why do it: Historically, buttons on your website led to static forms, which have low conversion rates. Open the door to more dynamic, two-way conversations for your most qualified visitors.

The business impact: The smart button increases your likeliness of capturing leads and opens the doors to more sales conversations. It dynamically opens up your messenger, increasing your likeliness of engagement.

Building the Experience

We've broken down how to build The Smart Button in a few easy steps.

Wrap Up

Companies like Agio are using the Smart Button on their site for qualified visitors to open the door for live sales conversations.

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