How Gamma Generated £12 Million in Pipeline with Conversational Marketing

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When a VIP arrives, my reps can start a conversation instantly. We've increased pipeline by 150%!

How Gamma Generated £12 Million in Pipeline with Conversational Marketing

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About the Company
Gamma is a B2B telecoms company and the UK’s leading supplier of voice, data and mobile products and services.
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Gamma uses Qualified to capture more leads, book more meetings, and convert their most important website visitors.

Gamma is a communications company that helps businesses talk to their customers by providing reliable voice, data, and mobile services. Gamma has two types of customers: direct businesses and channel partners that resell their products and services.

Gamma made the decision to invest in Conversational Marketing as a new way of selling. They were confident that it would give their sales team an exciting new way to engage and convert qualified website visitors and ultimately propel their pipeline forward. 

Since the day they launched Qualified’s Conversational Marketing solution, Gamma has seen an immediate business impact. Here’s their story.

Gamma welcomes qualified visitors with an invitation to have a real-time sales conversation
Gamma welcomes qualified visitors with an invitation to have a real-time sales conversation

The Challenge

For years, Gamma had been doing marketing and sales the traditional B2B way. Their marketing team invested time and money building up SEO and marketing campaigns which sent qualified traffic to their website. Interested buyers were expected to fill out a form, and upon doing so, the sales team began the chase via phone and email to lock in a meeting time.

The process was painful for all parties. The marketing team had to sit on the sidelines and hope that their leads received proper attention, customers were forced down a glacially slow buying process, and sales reps had to put in a lot of work to schedule one meeting. Something needed to change.

Gamma initially explored website chatbots to improve the process, but they soon realized they needed something bigger and better than just bots; bots help companies quickly collect information, but they still send customers into the traditional lead queue and follow up process. They needed a platform to identify their most important website visitors and engage them in real-time, personalized sales experiences.

Joe Leverson, Head of Digital Marketing at Gamma, shares the sales impact Conversational Marketing has had on their business

The Solution

When it was time to choose a Conversational Marketing solution, a strong Salesforce integration was paramount. Gamma knew that their new solution needed to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce CRM and Pardot Marketing Automation, since those are at the heart of their organization. These integrations would allow them to leverage existing customer and prospect data and make Conversational Marketing even more effective. 

Gamma chose Qualified because of its strong integration into Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Pardot as well as its ability to intelligently present human-led and bot-led experiences. 

Qualified + Salesforce + Pardot = a stellar combination for Gamma

Before diving into the application, Gamma met with the Qualified success team and outlined their Conversational Marketing goals: 

  • Improve website engagement
  • Accelerate the buying process from lead to Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) to Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)
  • Book more sales meetings
  • Generate more revenue

The Use Case 

First and foremost, Gamma connected Qualified with Salesforce Pardot and Salesforce CRM so that they could surface relevant prospect and customer data within the Qualified platform. 

They then built out the framework for their Conversational Marketing strategy:

  1. Present custom experiences based on the customer journey: Since Qualified integrates with Salesforce Pardot and CRM, Gamma immediately knows where a website visitor is in the customer journey: whether they’re an unknown visitor, known prospect, opportunity, or contact. Gamma can then serve up relevant greetings, content, and conversations based on where they are in the funnel. 
  1. Intelligently route qualified visitors to the right team: Gamma has a variety of customers that they serve, from large enterprises to channel partners. Qualified’s platform identifies if someone is a VIP and immediately routes them to the appropriate internal team for a live conversation. For instance, website visitors who meet their ideal customer profile (real business email address, over a certain size, located in the UK) are fast-tracked to the inside sales team. Whereas someone from a smaller organization might be routed to a channel partner, or someone interested in partnerships might be routed to the acquisitions team.

  2. Prioritize paid website traffic: Gamma uses the Paid Traffic Converter strategy. The moment someone clicks through a google search campaign, the sales team is alerted, and can immediately engage with these high-intent visitors.
  3. Leverage bots to scale the program: Gamma has stood up bots to help capture website leads and further qualify website visitors. Bots allow them to talk with people around the clock and engage more website visitors.
Gamma uses Qualified's chatbots to capture leads around the clock
Gamma uses Chatbots to capture leads around the clock

Whenever their sales reps engage with visitors, the goal is always to capture the lead and book a meeting with a field sales representative as soon as possible, creating a real opportunity.

Gamma prioritizes getting a meeting on the books as soon as possible
Gamma prioritizes getting a meeting on the book as soon as possible, to get visitors into a sales cycle as soon as possible

The Result

Within 6 months of launching Qualified’s Conversational Marketing Solution, Gamma has generated over 150 sales opportunities and over £12 million in sales pipeline. They also increased website conversions by 33% and they're generating 22% more marketing qualified leads. Conversational Marketing has opened the door to more conversations and more pipeline, an accomplishment that both sales and marketing can celebrate. To hear more about Gamma’s story, check out our blog post where we interviewed Joe, Gamma’s Head of Digital Marketing.

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