Say Hello to Qualified Summer '21

Here’s a roundup of the latest and greatest features, hot off the press from the Qualified product team.

Crystal Reitmeir
Crystal Reitmeir
August 3, 2021
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Say Hello to Qualified Summer '21

Summer is in full swing with heat waves, long days, and pool parties. 😎 That also means the Qualified Summer ‘21 release is here, packed with new features designed to help sales and marketing teams meet their pipeline goals.

We want our customers to get the most out of Qualified and draw inspiration from their input. With Salesforce always at the core of everything we do, this release is primarily focused on improving sales rep performance and helping them succeed in their day-to-day. 

So, grab some SPF 100 and get ready to explore our latest and greatest offerings, including:

  • NEW! The Next-Generation of Conversational Sales and Marketing with Qualified X 
  • NEW! Fresh Integration with the Leading Marketing Platform, Eloqua
  • NEW! Enhanced Reporting & Insights with Qualified Analytics
  • NEW! Advanced Functionality in the Qualified Experience Builder

NEW! Qualified X: The Next-Generation of Conversational Sales and Marketing Platform

Designed to boost conversations between businesses and buyers

Right after our Spring ‘21 Release, we announced Qualified X, a completely reimagined version of the Qualified platform. Qualified X was designed to provide total visibility into every visitor on your site and empower your sales reps to proactively initiate conversations with your most valuable buyers. We’re ushering in a new era of sales engagement to maximize sales rep performance through a number of new features: Qualified X Live Stream, Qualified X Segments, Qualified X Onsite Routing and Alerts, Qualified X Pounce, and Qualified X Insights and Analytics. Check out our blog post or watch the demo below ⬇️ to learn more about Qualified X and how it can help your sales teams connect with the right buyers at exactly the right time.

NEW! Fresh Integration with the Leading Marketing Platform, Eloqua

Leverage Eloqua marketing data to supercharge the Qualified platform

Qualified for Eloqua

Qualified now integrates with Eloqua—Oracle’s marketing automation solution—enabling Qualified users to recognize leads and customers who visit their site. Once the visitor arrives from an Eloqua campaign, Qualified will instantly read the Eloqua cookie and match that data against Salesforce. From there, you can greet visitors with a personalized message—either through Live Chat or a Chatbot—to improve the buying experience.

Surface relevant marketing data when a visitor arrives on your site with Qualified for Eloqua

NEW! Enhanced Reporting & Insights with Qualified Analytics

Optimize your conversational sales and marketing program as well as team performance

Sales Rep Performance Dashboards

Sales reps are the cornerstone of your conversational program. They’re working in Qualified day-in and day-out to meet with valuable website visitors when it matters most. That said, understanding sales rep performance is crucial because it helps you identify team leaders and those who might need more coaching. That’s why we built our Sales Rep Performance Dashboards. These heatmaps are loaded with new reporting metrics to provide a clear display of rep performance—whether it be pounce attempts, conversations, or availability. Plus, you can understand visitor behavior and whether there are gaps in your program—like scheduling, hiring, or training. Simply click into a cell or column header to learn more. Then, take thoughtful action to continuously optimize your program.

Dig deep into sales rep performance with heatmaps and dashboards

Pipeline & Revenue Attribution

Understanding attribution across your marketing mix enables your team to make data-driven decisions that improve performance. With our new attribution filter, you can easily understand how much pipeline and revenue have been generated by Qualified. In the Pipeline and Revenue dashboards, simply click “Filters” at the top and select the “Show only Opportunities attributed to Leads created by Qualified.”

Renaming Custom Reports 

Looking to rename a custom report that’s more suitable to your needs? Now you can. Click into the report then navigate to the three-dot dropdown menu in the upper right corner and select “Rename.” Easy peasy. 

Reporting Reorder

Previously, a report was locked into the order in which it was created. Now, you can reorder your personal reports and admins can reorder team reports by simply clicking and dragging the four-dot icon to the left of the report name.

NEW! Advanced Functionality in the Qualified Experience Builder

Deliver unique experiences for each website visitor with an enhanced Experience Builder 

Qualified Experiences for Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns—like webinars, email blasts, or in-person events—are laser-focused on driving the right prospects to your website. So when a high-value visitor arrives, why not greet them with a tailored message that’s tied to a specific campaign? If tracking marketing campaigns in Salesforce, you can now trigger unique Qualified Experiences based on the Salesforce Campaign and the Campaign Member status. This delivers a unique experience and “wow” moment for the visitor. Plus, your sales team is instantly alerted so they can quickly jump in with a personalized greeting.

Greet website visitors with a message tailored to each marketing campaign.

Customized Meeting Invites

The Qualified Meeting Booker is a valuable feature that allows qualified leads to easily book meetings on the calendars of your sales reps. Once a date and time is selected, an event is automatically added to the calendar of each guest. Rather than using a default event title, you can now customize the meeting booker with unique event fields, including Calendar Event Duration, Calendar Event Rep Name, and Calendar Event Rep Email. This provides an even more personalized experience at every touchpoint in the buying journey.

Refined Routing Rules 

Routing a visitor to their dedicated sales rep the moment they arrive on the website is one of the most effective ways you can move a sales conversation forward. To ensure website visitors get to the right person based on your business needs, Qualified now offers two types of routing options

1. Route for Pounce: when a VIP arrives on your site, Qualified will immediately route them to the appropriate sales rep for proactive engagement even before the visitor has asked to chat. This is known as a “pounce.” Use this at the top of your Experience to ensure your sales reps never miss a chance to deliver a white-glove buying experience.

2. Route for Inbound Chat: when an unknown visitor arrives, it’s recommended they’re verified as a qualified prospect before alerting your sales reps to join a conversation. This ensures your reps are focusing their efforts on the right visitors. With Qualified, you can ask a series of qualifying questions then route the visitor based on the rules you have configured within the experience.

Wrap Up

That’s a wrap for Qualified Summer ‘21, but we’re not done yet! Our team is focused on innovation and building a product that helps our customers succeed. That said, we have more exciting news coming in just a few short weeks so stay tuned to learn more. 👀

Our feature releases are largely influenced by your helpful feedback so if you have ideas for what you’d like to see in future releases—or questions about this release—chat with us live on the website or reach out to our Customer Success team at any time.

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