Payzer Accelerates the Sales Cycle and Generates More Leads with Conversational Marketing

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Payzer is an all-in-one customer management platform for contractors.
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Payzer uses Qualified to meet with sales-ready prospects the moment they land on their website, helping them speed up the sales process and boost pipeline.

Payzer provides customer management software for contracting companies, covering everything from service appointment scheduling to customer invoices. Payzer aims to make the lives of field service technicians easier by ditching the old-school paperwork and introducing a modern, all-in-one platform.

When Payzer’s marketing team was tasked with increasing the volume of sales qualified leads by 10X, they knew they had to invest in conversational marketing as a new channel to engage and convert qualified website visitors.

Here’s how Payzer uses Qualified’s conversational marketing solution to speed up the sales cycle and convert more leads.

Payzer using Qualified's conversational marketing solution on their website
Payzer invites qualified website visitors to participate in real-time sales meetings

The Challenge

Before Qualified, Payzer relied on the typical SaaS sales model. They used digital advertising to drive traffic to their website and expected a subset of visitors to engage with content and complete a form. Their sales reps would spend the majority of their time chasing down leads via phone and email in the hopes of securing a product demonstration meeting.

Their sales cycle was lengthy and their reps were missing out on the opportunity to have timely, contextual sales conversations with qualified buyers when they were knocking at Payzer’s door. Payzer needed a faster, more efficient way of selling.

Payzer COO Chris Halligan on the power of Qualified's Conversational Marketing Solution

The Solution

Payzer selected Qualified as their conversational marketing platform. With this new solution in place, Payzer aimed to deliver a more modern buying experience, speed up the sales cycle, and rally their marketing and sales team around their number one goal: to generate more sales qualified leads.

The Use Case

To get started, Payzer outlined the criteria for their website visitors that are highly qualified and should be fast-tracked to sales for live conversations. They had three clear visitor segments in mind:

  1. Customers on Payzer's free plan: Customers who are on their lower-tiered plan and familiar with the product value are more likely to convert into real sales opportunities 
  2. Visitors exploring their industry pages: Payzer has industry-specific landing pages for their different groups of customers, like those in the roofing or plumbing industry. Targeted ads send customers to these industry pages and these visitors deserve a more tailored sales experience.
  3. Visitors exploring their channel partner pages: Payzer has dedicated landing pages for their premier channel partners. When channel partner employees want to refer a friend to Payzer, they can visit their personalized landing page and directly contact the BDR that is tied to their territory. If the channel partner employee is interested in showing their friend a demo of Payzer's product, the Payzer BDR can initiate a product demonstration or phone call right on the landing page using the Qualified app.

Payzer also configured LeadBot to help take their qualification process to the next level. If visitors don’t fall into one of the initial qualification buckets, LeadBot asks qualifying questions, like company size. If visitors are from a larger company, they are immediately routed to a sales person. 

Sales is now empowered to hop into a real-time meeting using a full stack of meeting tools, including chat, screen-share, and voice-call, right on their corporate website. And because Qualified integrates with Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Pardot, the Payzer team will be able to track sales conversations all the way through the sales funnel. 

Zach Holm, Marketing Manager, Payzer

Beyond the main objective of identifying, meeting with, and converting their hottest prospects, the Payzer marketing team is loving the insight they’re getting into the website experience with LiveView. They can see exactly how visitors are exploring their webpages, and pivot their messaging and content accordingly. 

The Result

Since implementing Qualified, Payzer has opened up their website as an entirely new sales channel. They’re having more sales conversations and delivering on their promise of generating more sales qualified leads. 

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