Say hello to Piper, your new AI SDR

What does generating pipeline look like when everything is automated and AI is doing the work? In this 30-minute virtual product reveal event, we answer that exact question and paint the vision for the future of pipeline generation. The star of the show? Piper, your new AI SDR. With one core mission, to generate pipeline, Piper is the most capable, hardest working SDR you’ve ever met. In this session, you’ll catch live product demos, hear from customers who are using this breakthrough AI technology, and walk away inspired for how you can leverage Piper, and the entire Qualified PipelineAI platform, to hit your pipeline targets.

Kraig Swensrud
Founder & CEO
Maura Rivera
Chief Marketing Officer
Dan Darcy
Chief Customer Officer
Sarah McConnell
VP of Demand Gen
Scott Holden
Chief Marketing Officer
Joe Leverson
Head of Marketing

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