How to Build a Lean, Mean Tech Stack

It’s never been more important to get your tech stack into fighting shape. Decode Qualified’s tech stack—layer by layer—to inspire your team to build a lean, mean, pipeline-generating machine.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System of Record

Everything starts with your CRM. Your CRM is software that manages your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential buyers. This is an incredibly robust piece of technology that sets the tone for everything else you do in your go-to-market strategy.

The right CRM can provide powerful tracking and reporting that helps you get clear insights on your customer relationships throughout their lifecycle, from prospective buyers, through the sales cycle, and beyond into customer management.

Like most major SaaS companies, we use Salesforce as our source of truth. Not only is Salesforce’s CRM incredibly comprehensive, we’re also the only pipeline generation platform purpose-built for Salesforce customers.

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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software helps you streamline routine marketing tasks like email marketing, social media posting, or ad campaigns for both the sake of efficiency and your buyer’s experience. Marketing automation platforms help you provide a more personalized buyer journey.

With a functional marketing automation strategy, buyers aren’t shoved through a one-size-fits-all sales funnel, but are guided through a custom journey that reacts to their engagement and delivers content based on their individual needs.

When used properly, marketing automation creates a powerful level of engagement, but you have to be careful to balance automation with real, human interaction. We use Salesforce Pardot to keep our customers thoughtfully engaged throughout email nurture series.



Sales Engagement

Sales engagement platforms are tools to help optimize the selling process. They provide one interface to help teams plan, track, and measure sales interactions. Sales engagement platforms layer on top of your CRM and sync data to drive more revenue by helping your team create a more buyer-centric experience.

Sales reps use these platforms to house everything they use in their daily activities instead of flipping back and forth through their CRM, email, and the multiple other collaborative tools teams tend to collect. Reps can also automate manual processes like email sequencing, outbound prospecting, and activity capture. These tools save time for your reps, ultimately giving them more time to invest in the face-to-face meetings and conversations that get deals done.

Everyone wins.

Our reps love to pair tech like Outreach with Qualified for Outbound to create a powerful outbound motion that allows them to engage buyers the moment they click on a link in an email.

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ABM & Intent Data

Account-based marketing (ABM) strategies are imperative for companies to efficiently prioritize growth. ABM motions allow sales and marketing to combine their efforts to create hyper-personalized experiences for high-value accounts.

There are many powerful ABM platforms and you don’t have to just pick one. You should look for tools that help you automate the creation of prospect lists, communicate that information between sales and marketing, and help you identify VIP accounts. You also want something that has robust reporting capabilities, lead scoring options, and segmentation functions. We partner with 6sense and Demandbase to help us round out our ABM strategy.

There’s a second side to ABM–intent data. Make sure your ABM strategy also includes a tool to surface buyer intent. We recommend Qualified Signals.

Not only does Signals provide account-based engagement intent, but we also partner with Bombora to provide research intent data–showing your team exactly what accounts are looking for, when they’re heating up, and when they show signs of being ready to buy.


Data Enrichment

Data enrichment tools supplement the first-party data your CRM is able to gather on website visitors by taking single data points and connecting them to external data sources. This helps round out the information you have on your buyers, and fills in any gaps you might have in firmographic data.

The major benefit to using data enrichment tools is that you get additional information without having to ask for it from your website visitors–resulting in a totally frictionless experience.

There are three things to keep in mind when researching data enrichment tools: response time, integration time, and database hygiene. You want to make sure that the tool you choose can support automated queries, fast API integration, and pulls from databases that are regularly refreshed and updated, preventing you from working with stale information.

At Qualified, we partner with products like Clearbit and LeadIQ for data enrichment.


Data Hygiene

If you’re working from incorrect data, you’re wasting everyone’s time. Data cleansing tools (or data scrubbers) help keep your lists clean by checking for incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated information. These tools then modify, correct, or delete data that isn’t useful.

Leveraging a data hygiene tool to keep your data as high quality as possible will prevent tons of problems within your customer lists.

We currently use Leadspace and custom Salesforce flows to help us fill in any blanks we may have.


Pipeline Generation

Without a healthy pipeline, nothing else matters. Your pipeline generation platform should help you put all of these pieces together in one flawless motion that not only generates plenty of pipeline for your sales team, but also offers tools and solutions to make the sales cycle faster, smoother, and a truly impressive buyer experience.

Are we going to toot our own horn here? Of course. But we’ve earned some bragging rights, just take a look at what our customers have to say–we were just named #1 across 40 G2 reports and have over 800 5-star ratings.

Qualified helps you tap into your greatest asset–your website–and identify your most valuable visitors, instantly start sales conversations, schedule meetings in just one click, convert outbound and paid traffic, and uncover signals of buying intent.

Our customers see an average of 4224% ROI when they choose Qualified as their pipeline generation platform. What kind of ROI could your team see?

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