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Qualified Integration Platform & API

Bring the power of Salesforce to your website

Salesforce holds invaluable data for revenue teams. When you connect Salesforce to your website, you get a 360-degree view of your visitors and can deliver a completely differentiated website experience. The result is more pipeline with qualified buyers.

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Use Qualified for Salesforce to instantly reveal who’s on your site. Qualified hooks into every Salesforce Sales Cloud instance, so you know the moment target Accounts, Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities arrive. Then, meet your best buyers when they’re most engaged.

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Marketing Automation

Know when your most engaged buyers are on the site

Marketing automation helps your team operate like a well-oiled machine. Plus, it tells you the campaigns your website visitors have engaged with and who’s showing buying intent. With Qualified, you can use this insight to convert buyers right on the website.

Salesforce Pardot

Use Qualified for Pardot to immediately qualify inbound leads on your website based on unique Pardot data like campaigns, landing pages, or lead score and grade. Sales reps are then connected with hot leads for a real-time conversation.

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Use Qualified for Hubspot to alert your sales team the moment a known prospect arrives on the site. With the HubSpot browser cookie, you can prioritize conversations with the leads who have shown the most engagement with your HubSpot campaigns.

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Use Qualified for Marketo to convert valuable leads into pipeline. The Marketo Munchkin cookie tells you the moment a Marketo lead arrives on your site and whether they’ve engaged with your campaigns. Then, you can zero in on the leads that matter most.

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Use Qualified for Eloqua to to greet your best leads when they arrive on the site. Based on data like lead scoring, email campaigns, and landing pages, the Eloqua cookie helps sales reps narrow their focus to get more high-intent leads into a sales cycle.

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Sales Engagement

Turn email clicks into real-time conversations

Outbound motions are a key strategy for driving traffic to your website. Get instantly notified when a prospect clicks through an email and arrives on your website then engage them in a real-time conversation to deliver an exceptional buying experience.


Use Qualified for Outreach to welcome website visitors with a custom greeting based on any Outreach sequence. The email sender can quickly engage visitors in a cross-channel conversation, which can then be pushed into the Outreach Activity Feed for future context.

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Use Qualified for Salesloft to greet prospects from a Salesloft Cadence the moment they arrive on the site. Then, prioritize these VIP buyers and instantly alert the email sender who can quickly strike up a conversation that’s consistent across channels.

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Account-Based marketing

Identify and convert your most coveted accounts

An ABM motion keeps you top-of-mind with your best accounts. Easily connect your ABM platform with Qualified to know the moment a target account arrives on the site then have personalized sales conversations with VIPs to convert them into pipeline.

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Use Qualified for 6sense to segment website visitors from a 6Sense campaign, like 6QA Accounts or Buying Stage, and instantly engage them in a real-time conversation on the website. Then, book a future meeting to drive more pipeline with your best accounts.

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Use Qualified for Demandbase to drive target accounts to your website. With Demandbase Account Intelligence, you can reveal who is on your site then instantly route target buyers to their dedicated sales rep for a real-time conversation. This converts more of those precious target accounts into instant pipeline.

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Being an app for Salesforce-first customers ourselves, it's important for us to work with partners that understand the true value of native integration. Qualified has been game changing for Natterbox.

Sophie Winter
Global Head of Revenue Marketing

Qualified has the best implementation I have ever experienced when adding new technology to our stack.

Elyssa Steiner
VP of Revenue Marketing

Fits perfectly with the tech we're already using. Big impact.

Joe Leverson
Head of Digital Marketing

You absolutely cannot go wrong with implementing this tool on your website. It's not even a nice-to-have anymore, especially for high growth companies.

Michelle Martin
Head of Mid Market Sales Strategy and Execution
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Account-Based Advertising

Orchestrate personalized digital ad campaigns

Qualified Signals tells you exactly which accounts are showing high buying intent and are in-market to buy. Push this data into your favorite ad platforms to target high-intent buyers with personalized ads. Then, engage them on your site the moment they arrive.

LinkedIn Ads

Use Qualified for Linkedin to target your best accounts on the leading B2B social platform. Once a buyer clicks a LinkedIn ad and arrives on the site, sales reps can immediately start a conversation based on the ad that was clicked. This delivers a “wow” experience for buyers and maximizes your ad spend.

Google Ads

Use Qualified for Google Ads to serve your most coveted buyers with targeted SEM ads. When a buyer clicks a paid ad from Google search results and arrives on your site, sales reps are instantly notified. They can then strike up a conversation and reference that exact SEM ad to personalize the experience.


Use Qualified for Metadata to serve personalized ads to your best buyers at scale. Qualified Signals identifies accounts showing high-intent then pushes this data into Metadata for ad targeting. When a buyer clicks an ad and arrives on your site, sales reps can quickly engage them in a contextual conversation.

Facebook Ads

Use Qualified for Facebook Ads to expertly target buyers on Facebook and drive them back to your site. Once they arrive, sales reps can start a conversation that's seamless across channels. This is the personalized experience modern B2B buyers crave.


Enrich website visitor profiles with just an email

Having personalized and meaningful conversations with VIP visitors starts with knowing who’s on your site. Hook into your favorite data enrichment platforms, quickly capture an email address, and unlock everything you need to know to “wow” your best buyers.


Use Qualified for Clearbit to surface visitor data and hone in on the buyers who matter. With Clearbit Enrichment and Clearbit Reveal, you can quickly identify each website visitor through reverse IP technology. Then, prioritize your top buyers and route them for an instant conversation.


Use Qualified for ZoomInfo to focus your sales team on the VIP visitors who matter. With the ZoomInfo Enterprise and ZoomInfo WebSights APIs, you can funnel valuable details into Qualified giving sales reps everything they need to start a meaningful conversation, right at their fingertips.


Uncover early buyer interest with third-party research intent data

Understanding an account’s online behavior and content consumption across third-party sources helps you identify where they are in the buying journey. With this insight, you can get in front of key decision makers at the most optimal time.

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Use Qualified for Bombora to understand an account’s browsing behavior across 5,000+ third-party sources and 10,000+ taxonomy topics. Then, uncover those that are in research mode and connect with key decision makers to drive them back to your site for a tailored conversation.

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Alerts & notifications

Drive immediate action with real-time alerts

Sales teams are busy shuffling between emails, phone calls, and meetings. With omnichannel alerts, they’re instantly notified when a qualified buyer arrives on the site so they can go about their day without missing critical moments to engage.

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Use Qualified for Slack to alert key stakeholders when hot prospects visit your site. Send an alert to a Slack channel, like #sales, or as a direct message to the individuals who care most. Salesforce data is also pushed into the alert so reps can preview pertinent details before taking action.

Microsoft Teams

Use Qualified for Microsoft Teams to push important insights and signals from Qualified into company chat rooms. Alerts are totally customizable, ensuring the right Salesforce data is getting to the right team at the right moment. This keeps your teams aligned when VIPs are on the site so they can take swift action.

Browser & Voice

Use Qualified for Google Chrome to trigger browser alerts for sales reps. When a visitor arrives to the site and is routed for a conversation, a Chrome alert prompts sales reps to take quick action no matter which tab is in view. Sales reps can multitask throughout the day and catch VIPs when it matters.


Use Qualified for Gmail to automatically email stakeholders the moment a VIP arrives on the site. Emails include unique Salesforce data, like custom visitor fields, giving your sales reps total visibility into valuable website visitors right in their inbox. They can then hop into Qualified to start a conversation.

Meetings & Calendars

Connect your calendar and book more meetings

Getting qualified buyers to your site is a costly undertaking; don’t let them leave without  a future meeting on the books. With Qualified, you can turn every conversion point on your website into a meeting with your best accounts in just a few clicks.

Google Calendar

Use Qualified for Google Calendar to pack sales rep calendars with high-quality meetings. Simply connect the two platforms and automatically present times to your buyers based on sales rep availability. This ensures buyers and sellers are meeting at the most optimal time for both their schedules.

Microsoft Office 365

Use Qualified for Microsoft Outlook Calendar to book more meetings with your best accounts right on the website. With the two platforms connected, scheduling options are presented based on sales rep availability so buyers can choose a time that works for them. This means more meetings with less effort.

Revolutionize your website with the Qualified Platform

The Qualified Platform underpins the entire Qualified product suite so you can identify, engage, and convert your most valuable website visitors into pipeline. This is the ultimate platform for AI pipeline generation. There’s nothing else like it.

Qualified Platform
AI Pipeline Generation Platform
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As the world’s first native pipeline generation platform built exclusively for Salesforce, Xforce leverages hundreds of thousands of unique Salesforce configurations and data architectures to help our customers maximize their Sales Cloud investment.

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