Introducing Qualified Xforce, the World’s First Native Conversational Platform for Salesforce


Designed to give companies a smarter way to build conversational sales and marketing programs driven by Salesforce, Xforce services include Universal Object Support, Target Account Segmentation, Lead Management, and Slack Platform Workflows.

Running natively on the Salesforce Platform with deep connectivity into the Salesforce core, Xforce leverages hundreds of thousands of unique Salesforce configurations and data architectures.

Serving as the foundation of Qualified X, the Xforce platform now powers conversational programs for thousands of  Salesforce customers worldwide, including Adobe, Bitly, SurveyMonkey, and VMware.

SAN FRANCISCO, September 21, 2021 / -- As Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce conference kicks off, Qualified.com, the conversational sales and marketing company for revenue teams that use Salesforce, today unveiled Qualified Xforce, the industry’s first native conversational platform for Salesforce. Powering its flagship Qualified X product offering, Xforce harnesses Salesforce customers’ unique Sales Cloud data architecture and configurations to drive hyper-intelligent, customizable conversational sales and marketing programs. This new platform will be game-changing for Salesforce customers, allowing them to fully leverage the power of Salesforce in their conversational experiences, no matter how complex their implementations. 

As B2B companies accelerate into a digital-first era, they’re quickly investing in new sales and marketing technology. In the frenzy to acquire new solutions, companies check the box that technology integrates with Salesforce—their source of truth for prospect, customer, and sales cycle data. However, when it’s time to implement a new solution, they fumble with lightweight Salesforce connectors that are riddled  with limitations and don’t accommodate  their unique instance. This results in headaches, workarounds, and inefficiencies. As companies look to capitalize on their Salesforce investment and supercharge their go-to-market operations, it’s paramount that companies choose technology—including conversational sales and marketing applications—that is purpose-built for Salesforce.

Qualified X: The Next-Generation Conversational Sales and Marketing Solution

In April 2021, Qualified unveiled Qualified X, its tenth-generation flagship product designed to help sellers thrive in today’s all-digital environment by giving them tools to initiate more conversations and drive more pipeline. Qualified X is intended to boost direct conversations between businesses and buyers on corporate websites with Qualified Live Streams, Qualified Live View, Qualified Segments, Qualified Visitor 360, Qualified Routing & Alerts, Qualified Chat, Qualified Pounce, Qualified Voice, and Qualified Insights. 

The Qualified Xforce Platform: Powering Bespoke Conversational Programs for Salesforce Customers

The Xforce platform is the foundation beneath Qualified X, driving its end-to-end application behavior. Built natively on the Salesforce platform and connecting deeply into the Salesforce core, Xforce is purpose-built for Salesforce Sales Cloud customers and leverages hundreds of thousands of unique data points to dynamically alter conversational experiences, the moment a new visitor arrives on the website. Xforce platform services include:  

Xforce Universal Object Support: Connecting to the core Salesforce data model with any and all customizations, Xforce provides the ability to read, create, and update Custom Objects and Standard Salesforce Objects and fields in milliseconds; including Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Contact Roles, Campaigns, Campaign Members, Related User Lookup Objects, and Custom Objects related to Accounts, Contacts and Leads.

Xforce Universal Data Type Support: Compatible with every major Salesforce data type, Xforce offers a highly flexible solution that supports all standard fields, custom fields, lookup fields, formula fields, restricted picklists, unrestricted picklists, dependent picklists, multi-select picklists, regular expressions, number fields, date fields, email fields, and phone fields.

Xforce Real-Time Data Model Traversal: Without the need to sync data nightly, Xforce supports real-time traversal of your entire Salesforce data model in milliseconds the moment a new visitor arrives on the website and with every chatbot interaction. Intelligently route visitors, segment visitors, dynamically adjust routing, instantly alert reps, and customize experiences on-the-fly driven by real-time data. 

Xforce Real-Time Object Matching: Instantly match website visitors to Salesforce Objects in real-time. Quickly match visitors to existing Leads, Contacts, and perform Account Matching with Lead to Account Match, Contact Direct. Further match to Opportunities via Contact Role Match, Account to Opportunity.  Xforce Reverse IP further adds the ability to fuzzy Account Match even for anonymous website visitors.

Xforce Target Account Segmentation: Instantly identify and segment target accounts on your website as defined by Salesforce Accounts and Opportunity field values. Automatically connect to Sales Cloud target Account lists in Qualified and identify Accounts as they arrive on site. All Account and Opportunity fields and customizations can be used to segment and dedupe Accounts. 

Xforce Salesforce-Driven Routing and Alerts: Intelligently route conversations to appropriate Salesforce Users so that your reps can focus on the VIP visitors they care about most.  Route by Standard Owner or any Custom User Lookup fields on Leads, Contacts, and Accounts and automatically alert owners via system alerts, voice alerts, Slack, Email, or Microsoft Teams.

Xforce Real-Time Experience Triggers: Automatically trigger bespoke website experiences based on any Salesforce data and greet your visitors with hyper-personalized conversations. Trigger experiences based on any standard or custom field values on all supported Objects and combine unlimited boolean filter criteria to create complex trigger conditions. 

Xforce Dynamic Lead Process Management: Maintain pristine Salesforce data hygiene and process customizations. Craft custom rules around how you create and assign Leads to capture high-quality pipeline. Auto-dedupe on Lead creation or defer push for owner creation. Trigger or bypass Lead assignment rules and required fields; dynamically set standard Lead and custom fields; set fixed or default values on Leads.

Xforce Full-Stack Analytics and Insights: Measure the impact and ROI of your conversational program, including pipeline and revenue, alongside your other channels. Manage up-to-the-second conversational sales and marketing insights in any Salesforce system; including Salesforce Reports and Dashboards, Salesforce Campaigns, or Tableau’s Analytics Platform. Auto-associate base and connected campaigns, dynamically set campaign members and sync activity transcripts, and leverage out-of-the-box campaign and ROI dashboards.

Xforce Slack Platform Workflows: See and act on important website visitors directly within Slack. Get instant alerts when VIPs arrive on the site via Slack, your new digital HQ, and dive into the Qualified app to quickly engage those visitors. Configure direct or channel notifications with relevant Salesforce Data, such as Leads, Contacts, Campaigns, Target Accounts, and Opportunity data, and surface limitless field values to inform sales reps.

As a certified Salesforce ISV partner, Xforce is built in compliance with Salesforce’s extensive security, InfoSec, Platform, SOC2, and ISV certifications. With Salesforce’s stamp of approval, alongside Qualified’s team of Salesforce-certified administrators, companies can now leverage their existing Salesforce Sales Cloud configurations to create one-of-a-kind Salesforce-driven conversational programs.

“The Salesforce Sales Cloud is the backbone of any great B2B organization. It’s where a company’s most important prospect and customer data lives, and every company has a completely unique instance,”  says Kraig Swensrud, CEO and founder at Qualified. “Qualified’s expansive Xforce platform allows companies to tap into every single piece of Sales Cloud data and craft a completely customized, impactful conversational sales and marketing program.” 

“Xforce is truly cutting edge,” says Howard Brown, CEO of RingDNA. “Qualified can access every unique data point from our Salesforce Sales Cloud instance to build a completely bespoke conversational program. There’s no other platform like it.”

To learn more about Xforce or any of Qualified’s conversational sales and marketing solutions, visit https://qualified.com/product. 

About Qualified.com 

Qualified is the conversational sales and marketing platform for revenue teams that use Salesforce. Leading B2B brands such as Adobe, Bitly, SurveyMonkey, ThoughtSpot and VMware trust Qualified to grow their pipeline by tapping into their greatest sales & marketing asset — their corporate website — to identify their most valuable buyers, understand their intent and instantly start a sales conversation. Qualified runs natively on Salesforce to give companies a 360-degree view of their website visitors, and is ranked #1 in its category on the Salesforce AppExchange. Headquartered in San Francisco, Qualified is led by former Salesforce CMO Kraig Swensrud and former Salesforce product SVP Sean Whiteley, and funded by Norwest Venture Partners, Redpoint Ventures and Salesforce Ventures. To learn more, visit qualified.com.

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