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Qualified AI Offers

Surface relevant marketing offers across your website and automate lead capture with a single click. This is how you fill your funnel, automatically.

Did you hear the news? Qualified AI Offers is now generally available.

See how AI Offers can boost your pipeline, automatically.

In this demo video, we break down AI Offers and how it can help you capture more top-of-funnel leads.

70% of marketing offers sit unused

Lead generation is the lifeblood of inbound pipeline, and it starts with valuable offers—like ebooks, webinars, event registration, case studies, free trials, and product news. But these offers aren’t converting buyers. Here’s why.

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Surface relevant offers with Piper the AI SDR

Piper will identify and engage valuable buyers then serve the most relevant marketing offer with the highest likelihood to convert. She does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Collecting leads has never been easier

Don’t bury an offer behind a lengthy form. Instead, embed a single field form in each offer and watch your conversions skyrocket. Leads are automatically enriched with valuable data and added to a chosen nurture campaign.
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Tailor your offers for each unique buyer

Skip the one-size-fits-all approach and take each visitor on a personalized buying journey. With audience segments, you can boost engagement by showing the right offer to the right buyer.

With Qualified AI Offers, we can use automation to present personalized promotions to each buyer and turn every possible website touchpoint into pipeline.

Levi Worts
Web Personalization Manager

AI Offers gives us yet another opportunity to automate our inbound pipeline generation process. Engagement has boomed and we’re seeing a huge uptick in lead capture. The business impact is unreal.

Hannah Jordan
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Thanks to AI Offers, we can now deliver relevant and personalized offers on our website, resulting in increased user engagement and higher conversion rates. This has made a significant impact on hitting our pipeline goals this year.

Alexi Hatch
Vice President of Global Growth Marketing
Ready to see the power of Qualified AI Offers?

Learn how you can surface the right marketing offers and capture more pipeline.


Show offers at the right time and place

Timing is everything, and offers are no different. With custom triggers, you can control how and when offers appear—like gated content or a pop-up on exit intent. The choice is yours.

See how Qualified AI Offers can work for you

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Design offers with simple point-and-click

Building your offers is a breeze. Simply input copy, choose a style, and add a CTA. Then preview the offer on your chosen landing page before activating. This is the end of web-dev tickets.

Get clear insights into performance

Knowing how your offers are performing is crucial for optimization. With conversion analytics, you can view impressions, click-throughs, and conversions to understand which offers are generating the most leads.
Qualified AI

Revolutionize your website with AI

Qualified AI is comprised of four pillars — Recommendation AI, Generative AI, Optimization AI, and Predictive AI — designed to deliver hyper-personalized website experiences, boost engagement, and grow your pipeline faster.

Powered by the Qualified Platform

Jam-packed with AI horsepower, the Qualified Platform is what fuels the entire Qualified product suite. There’s nothing else like it.

Qualified Platform