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Signals strategies

Qualified Signals uncovers the buying intent of your most valuable accounts. Here’s 10 strategies to steal right now so you can maximize pipeline, more efficiently.


The Account Prioritization Dashboard

Get a clear picture of account behavior across your site and where to focus your outbound team.

RevOps Leader

As a RevOps leader, converting accounts that match an Ideal Customer Profile is the linchpin of your strategy. But not every account in your ICP is interested or ready to buy your solution.

The out-of-the-box Account Prioritization Dashboard shows you the buying intent of every target account — from “cold” to “on fire” — so you can focus your outbound reps on the accounts that are most likely to convert.

Or, customize the dashboard to meet your exact specifications based on your unique segments and go-to-market strategy.

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The 1-2-3 Punch

Identify accounts with high buying intent to prioritize your prospecting efforts and maximize pipeline.

Outbound Sales Rep

As an Outbound Sales Rep, your #1 goal is to reach out to prospects and turn them into pipeline. But rather than chasing prospects who aren’t interested or even aware of your product, why not start with those who are already showing intent? This approach helps you drive more pipeline, more efficiently.

With Qualified Signals, you can stack rank target accounts by buying intent and make the most interested accounts your top priority for daily tasks.

Send a customized outbound message with helpful resources that reference recent website visits then welcome visitors with a personalized greeting once they click through the email and arrive on the site.

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The Deal Accelerator

Know when buying intent for an open Opportunity is heating up or cooling down to prompt timely action.

Account Executive

Timing is everything in sales and as an Account Executive, you’re always looking for reasons to have meaningful conversations with buyers — especially in a competitive deal.

Qualified Signals will instantly alert you when there’s a positive change on any account in your pipeline and show you all their recent website activity.

That means you’ll know when an Account with an open Opportunity is heating up or surging so you can quickly reach out with relevant content to stay top-of-mind, keep buyers engaged, and move the deal along.

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Rise of the Anonymous Buyer

B2B buying has forever changed. Get to know a new breed of buyer, understand how and when to engage with them, and create a best-in-class buying journey.


The Dashboard of Shame

Hold sales reps accountable when action is overdue for valuable accounts with high buying intent.

Sales Leadership

For a sales leader, there’s nothing more important than hitting sales targets and increasing revenue — and you rely on a team of sellers to get you there. But sometimes even your most trusted reps can get distracted and fall behind.

With Qualified Signals, you have clear visibility into which accounts are showing high buying intent. Compare this data against sales activities logged in Salesforce to understand the accounts that require immediate attention and which reps need to take quick action; holding them accountable.

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The Boomerang Account

They’re baaaack! Revive conversations with closed/lost accounts whose buying intent is heating up.

Account Executive

Sales is not for the faint of heart, and even the most seasoned sellers lose a deal every so often. But just because a deal was lost, doesn’t mean that opportunity is gone for good.

Qualified Signals tracks website activity for all your accounts so you know the moment a closed/lost account is back on the site and showing renewed interest.

This is an optimal time to reach back out with a personalized message that references the previous sales cycle, provides helpful resources, and restarts the conversation.

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Qualified Signals is buyer intent reimagined. Now I can use valuable website data to direct my sales reps to exactly the right accounts, resulting in more pipeline and more revenue.

Kaushik Patel
SVP, Business Operations
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The Accounts-Not-In-Salesforce

Find the accounts that are flying under your radar and assign them to a sales rep in Salesforce asap.

RevOps Leader

RevOps leaders work hard to uncover exactly the right accounts to focus sales teams and maximize revenue potential. But despite your best efforts, some qualified accounts may get overlooked.

Qualified Signals tracks activity across your entire website and surfaces the accounts that are showing high buying intent, even those that are not yet in Salesforce.

Push this data into Salesforce then assign each newly identified account to a sales rep for immediate outreach.

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The Existing Customer Upsell

Upsell existing accounts displaying increased purchase intent to bring in even more revenue.

Account Executive

When it comes to generating more revenue, happy customers are key. Not only does this encourage repeat business, it also offers an opportunity to cross-sell into other parts of the organization.

As existing customers arrive on the site, Qualified Signals will be on the lookout for those that start surging on product pages they haven’t yet purchased.

Account Executives get instantly notified when intent signals increase. Then, they can proactively send a note to their existing account, address their recent visit, and kick start an expansion opportunity.

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The Inbound Hot or Not

Know which website visitors deserve your immediate attention and which can be deprioritized.

Inbound Sales Rep

Marketing teams work hard to drive qualified traffic to your site. As an Inbound Sales Rep, your primary goal is to capture these visitors and convert them into pipeline. But with high volumes of traffic, it can be tricky to navigate through the noise and connect with the right buyers.

Qualified Signals will tell you exactly where to focus your energy within Qualified. Using Signals data, set up Segments and Live Streams to categorize your visitors by intent. Then, prioritize your highest intent visitors and proactively engage them in a personalized conversation.

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The Surging Accounts Ad Campaign

Target surging accounts with tailored ads to stay top-of-mind and drive traffic back to your site.

Demand Gen Manager

Paid ads are one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and drive inbound traffic to your site — if done right. It requires knowing your target audience, where to serve ads, and crafting a message that will resonate.

Qualified Signals tells you which accounts are on your website and showing high purchase intent. Use this data to build segments then serve advertisements with tailored messaging to these audiences in platforms like Metadata or 6sense.

This ensures you stay top-of-mind with continuous touchpoints as each account moves through the sales funnel, and eventually converts.

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The Pre-Event VIP Call Down

Engage event registrants that are already showing interest and book on-site meetings.

Events Manager

Sponsored events aren’t just about brand awareness; they’re crucial for generating high-quality pipeline. But rather than trying to connect with hundreds or thousands of attendees, why not focus on setting up on-site meetings with those who are already interested in your product?

Qualified Signals tells you which accounts have high buying intent based on their website activity. As an Events Manager, you can cross-reference this data against a pre-event registration list to see which accounts will be in attendance.

Then, prioritize sales outreach efforts to book high-quality on-site meetings with attendees who are most likely to result in pipeline.

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