The Conversation Starter

The Conversation Starter

The Conversation Starter

What is it: The Conversation Starter is a combination of an eye-catching opener followed by a series of leading questions. The opener is focused on getting the first click to kick off the conversation, while the subsequent questions keep the conversation going, highlighting business pains and how your product(s) resolve(s) it.

Where to use it: Where you use The Conversation Starter is largely dictated by the conversation that you're trying to have. If your products and services have a clear focus, you can use it as a default Experience on the homepage. If your product lineup is more broad, try focusing The Conversation Starter on one specific business problem, and put The Conversation Starter on the related product page(s).

Why do it: In order to get ROI from Qualified, you have to get your visitors to engage with Qualified. While other strategies tie to a very specific focus (e.g. The Pricing Page Specialist or The ABM Red Carpet), The Conversation Starter is more about getting someone to engage with and understand your brand. Once they're engaged, you can build their understanding of your value proposition(s) and open the door for your reps to win their business.

The business impact: Boost engagement with prospects on your site, build their understanding of your unique value proposition, and open the door for your Sales team to have meaningful sales conversations.

Building the Experience

We've broken down how to build The Conversation Starter in a few easy steps.

Key Takeaways

When it's deployed effectively, The Conversation Starter is a powerful tool to have in your Conversational Marketing arsenal. Qualified customers like RingDNA use this Experience to grab the attention of otherwise passive visitors, build awareness of how their products uniquely solve business problems, and incentivize them to talk to Sales.

The Conversation Starter isn't just about getting that first click. It's about getting prospects started on a journey with your business.

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