The Form Converter

The Form Converter

What is it: The Form Converter gives qualified buyers an alternate route to get in touch with your sales team, instantly.

Where to use it: Present this experience alongside your most popular forms, like your "Contact Sales" or "Request a Demo" forms. Then expand to other forms or landing pages as your team sees the impact of real-time conversations.

Why do it: Historically, the only way a website visitor could contact your company was by filling out a form. If someone does fill out a form, the sales rep begins the chase via email and voicemail to lock in a meeting. This process is inefficient and broken.

The business impact: What if your sales team could have real-time conversations with your most qualified website visitors when they're knocking at your door and ready to talk to you? By using the Form Converter on your website, you will capture more leads, book more meetings, and maximize website conversions.

Did you know that B2B forms only have a 2.5% completion rate? Once a form is completed, it takes B2B companies an average of 42 hours to follow up.

Building the Experience

We've broken down how to build the Form Converter in a few easy steps.

Key Takeaways

Companies like InsideView are doing the Form Converter on their forms in order to fast track qualified website visitors to instant sales meetings. Use this experience alongside your high-traffic forms and watch conversions skyrocket.

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