The Homepage Tour Guide

The Homepage Tour Guide

The Homepage Tour Guide

What is it: The Homepage Tour guide is your catch-all experience for your unknown website visitors. By serving up this experience on your homepage, you will boost engagement, learn more about your visitors, and increase chances for conversion.

Where to use it: Use this experience on your homepage for all visitors that do not fall into a specific segment or experience. Surface your highest performing offers in this experience. Perhaps you'll give visitors the option to Contact Sales, Request a Consultation, Get a Demo, Sign Up for Free, or access your best piece of content. Don't forget to include a "just browsing" option in case visitors are not ready to meet with your team. It is tempting to recreate your homepage navigation in this experience, but that is not the best use of this real estate. Use the Homepage Tour Guide to get buyers in touch with your sales team and into a sales cycle.

Why do it: Ideally you'll have some piece of data about your customers that will put them into a personalized experience. Nevertheless, it's smart to set up a default homepage experience for your unknown website visitors.

The business impact: You will collect more data on your customers that you can push into Salesforce. Plus, you'll capture leads, book meetings, and route more buyers to sales.

Building the Experience

We've broken down how to build The Homepage Tour Guide in a few easy steps.

Key Takeaways

The Homepage Experience is a helpful catch-all experience for unknown visitors, designed to help visitors find what they're looking for and (hopefully) connect buyers with your sales team. Companies like Servers Australia are using the Homepage Tour Guide experience as a warm, helpful welcome to new visitors.

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