The Hot Prospect

The Hot Prospect

The Hot Prospect

What is it: The Hot Prospect allows you to use data from your Salesforce Pardot Marketing Automation platform to fuel your qualification engine and know if a website visitor is sales-ready. Mark a visitor as qualified if they meet a certain Pardot Score, Grade, or Einstein Behavior Score. Once they meet your threshold, open the door for a live sales conversation. The Hot Prospect example is key to getting prospects out of marketing nurture and into a real sales cycle.

Where to use it: Use this experience across your website for all known, qualified Pardot prospects. It will help you roll out the red carpet for your VIP audience who is almost ready to buy.

Why do it: Prospects don't always turn into opportunities right from the get-go. Some need time to be nurtured through emails, ads, and most importantly, conversations. The Hot Prospect example will help you engage your hottest prospects and get them across the line and into a real sales cycle.

The business impact: What if your sales team could connect with your hottest prospects, right on the website, versus waiting for them to fill out a form? Conversational Marketing gives your sales teams the platform to engage and convert marketing-nurtured prospects in real time.

When a sales reps responds to a lead in <5 minutes, they are 21x more likely to convert that lead into a real opportunity versus just waiting an hour. -Lead Response Management

Building the Experience

We've broken down how to build The Hot Prospect in a few easy steps.

Key Takeaways

Companies like Jumio are doing the Hot Prospect to get their hard-earned marketing audience across the line and into a sales cycle. Take advantage of all of your Pardot Marketing Automation data to deliver personalized, impactful sales conversations.

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