The Pricing Page Expert

The Pricing Page Expert

The Pricing Page Expert

What is it: The Pricing Page Expert Experience notifies your team when when there is someone on your pricing page with questions about your product's pricing and packaging. It can also restrict visitors' access to your team to only visitors that are qualified, via email or bot questions. If they meet your qualification criteria, then your Sales representatives can jump in to enumerate the product's value at this critical point in the customer journey.

Where to use it: Simple: your pricing and packaging page(s). The Pricing Page Expert is perfect for when there are several contract options and multiple factors that impact which is the right option. Want a quick bit of advice? If you have any contract package with the price listed as "Call Us!" or "Contact Sales," then you should have this Experience implemented.

Why to do it: These visitors are at one of the most critical points in their customer journey. If they are confused about your offering or your price point, then they won't buy your product. This visitor might even have a proposal in their hands and is looking at your pricing page for some clarity. Make pricing easy to understand for every visitor that comes to your pricing page(s).

The business impact: If you make it easy for your visitors and prospects to reach the team when they have questions, you have greatly increased your chances of winning their business. Once they are chatting with your Sales representative, then can learn what matters to them in a contract. After that, their business is yours to win.

Building the Experience

We've broken down how to build The Pricing Page Expert in a few easy steps.

Key Takeaways

There are two primary takeaways for The Pricing Page Expert Experience that we've learned from great Qualified customers like askSpoke.

The first is: make it easy for well qualified visitors to get in touch with the team at this vital juncture. This lowers the chance that you lose out on business because a prospect doesn't understand how they would be charged.

The second is: use these questions to transition into a closing conversation. Whether it's a new prospect or open opportunity, "buying is on their mind". Take advantage.

If you do both of these, you'll be catching prospective customers at exactly the right time and on your way to a partnership.

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