The Product Specialist

The Product Specialist

The Product Specialist

What is it: The Product Specialist helps your visitors understand your products and services. This can include features, functionality, best practices, or case studies. Based on a few targeted questions, Qualified's bot will route well-qualified visitors to your Sales team for an instant conversation or meeting. At that point, your Sales representatives can transition this Q&A session into a selling opportunity, guiding the visitor through the appropriate offering for their business.

Where to use it: The Product Specialist is a perfect companion to any product offering that is either 1) high value, 2) complex and nuanced in its usage, or 3) both. Any time that your team requires a human specialist or industry expert to sell the product effectively, that is a good place to begin implementing this Experience. Then, once you've determined the right way to engage interested prospects, you can scale it to the rest of your product set.

Why do it: Most product pages only passively provide information to interested potential buyers. This is a missed opportunity. The Product Specialist can provide clarity to your prospects on key product information and route qualified visitors to your team. In a best case scenario, this Experience will even catch visitors before they go off to your competitors' websites.

The business impact: Get more high-intent prospects in front of your Sales team. These prospects are already in the research phase of their buyers journey (or even further), and represent high quality pipeline. This Experience will give your Sales team a chance to engage them and guide them through the finish line on their buyers' journey.

Building the Experience

We've broken down how to build The Product Specialist in a few easy steps.

Key Takeaways

The Product Specialist is not just about saying, "Have any questions?" It is about getting connected with visitors that want to learn more about your offering and transitioning that interest into a selling opportunity. If you do this well like Qualified customer Gamma, then you'll be set up to have your product pages building more pipeline for you than ever before.

Don't just passively provide product details. Use your product pages to get connected to your buyers and win their business (before the competition!).

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