The Target Industry

The Target Industry

What is it: Whether it's manufacturing or high tech, every company has their target industries. With The Target Industry, you can alert your sales team when visitors arrive who match your target industry and set the stage for tailored, solutions-oriented sales conversations. Inject industry-specific case studies, content, and language throughout your experience to show visitors that you know their space, serve their peers, and are purpose-built for them.

Where to use it: As soon as you know that a visitor matches your target industry, serve them up with the industry-specific experience throughout their entire website journey. Start by building experiences for your top 2 or 3 industries, where you have powerful stories to share.

Why do it: Businesses buy from businesses that know their space and serve their peers. By serving up curated content and case studies, you will instill confidence in your buyer and pique their interest.

The Business Impact: Industry-focused Go To Market strategies are effective. The Target Industry experience reinforces your industry focus, and will help you boost content engagement, leads, and ultimately pipeline.

Buyers are 30% more likely to engage with a company if they position themselves as industry experts. -LinkedIn

Building the Experience

We've broken down how to build The Target Industry in a few easy steps.

Ready to get started? Check out these helpful links.

  • Integrate with data enrichment platforms like Clearbit to automatically identify industry data.
  • As you build out experiences, use variable tags to personalize your experiences

Key Takeaways

Companies like Brandfolder are doing The Target Industry to have more sales conversations with visitors who are likely to purchase their product and be successful customers. This experience gives buyers personalized, tailored content that will boost engagement and interest.

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