Sales teams want more conversations with qualified leads. Let's make that happen

Qualified is a Conversational Marketing application, and it's simply a better way to sell. We'll alerts your reps when qualified leads arrive and open a secret door for them to instantly meet with your sales team.


Marketing campaigns are often the basis for instant qualification because they are highly targeted to reach the people that your reps wants to talk to


When leads respond to campaigns, return to your site, or answer some questions, you can qualify based on data like company, employees, and title


Website behavior is key because you know what products they're interested in, what pages they're viewing, and what they want to talk about.


Real-time conversations mean instant conversions

This isn't rocket science, it's just common sense. When your sales reps are alerted to qualified leads, and can meet with them in real-time, your chances of conversion skyrocket. Isn't that what everyone wants?