Introducing Qualified for Outbound and Qualified Anywhere


New products will help B2B companies meet with target accounts and VIP buyers faster than ever before, right on their corporate website, and thrive in today’s all-digital world

Qualified for Outbound instantly identifies when VIP buyers click through outbound email campaigns, notifies reps, and facilitates real-time conversations when they arrive on the website

Qualified Anywhere brings the entire experience of Qualified platform to mobile devices running iOS and Android, facilitating faster and smarter sales conversations, anytime, anywhere

SAN FRANCISCO, August 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Qualified, the conversational sales and marketing platform for companies that use Salesforce, introduced two new products: Qualified for Outbound and Qualified Anywhere. Qualified for Outbound seamlessly integrates Qualified with leading sales engagement platforms, like Outreach, and Qualified Anywhere brings the entire power of the Qualified platform to iOS and Android. These products are designed to help Qualified’s customers meet with their target accounts and VIP buyers faster than ever before, right on their website. 

This announcement comes on the heels of a momentous year for Qualified. The company has:

  • Grown revenue by more than 800% 
  • Raised $51 million in Series B financing, led by Salesforce Ventures
  • Expanded the executive team with Salesforce leaders, including Robert Zimmerman as chief revenue officer and Dan Darcy as chief customer officer, and Sarah Franklin as Board Observer
  • Brought on a stellar line up of enterprise customers, including Adobe, Poly, VMware, Matterport, and HashiCorp
  • Released Qualified X, the next-generation conversational sales and marketing platform
  • Launched AppExchange Chat, Salesforce’s new conversational product powered by Qualified

Qualified for Outbound and Qualified Anywhere will help customers leverage the power of Qualified X, increasing the ROI of their conversational sales and marketing programs.

“What excites me most about the state of our company is the nonstop pace of innovation,” said Kraig Swensrud, founder and CEO of Qualified. “These two ground-breaking products will help our customers take their conversational program to new heights, and we’re just getting started.”


Sales teams are under constant pressure to close deals with target accounts. They focus significant time outbounding across multiple touchpoints, and email has become the ultimate battleground. In fact, salespeople spend about 33% of their day crafting emails to grab the attention of their most coveted prospects. If their email is opened, that’s a hard-earned prize. But what happens after the email is opened and clicked? If a sales rep has managed to pique their prospect’s interest, it’s crucial to engage them in that pivotal moment before it’s too late.

Now, with Qualified for Outbound, sales reps no longer need to wait for an email reply to get a meeting on the books. Instead, they can capitalize on that “magic moment” when a prospect arrives on the website from an email sequence to instantly start a conversation that’s consistent across channels. This results in more web conversions, more pipeline, and more closed/won business. 

“We love that we're able to have our two favorite sales strategies working in harmony," said Sam Burns, sales leader at Cockroach Labs. "Qualified for Outbound provides a seamless, personalized buying experience for our most valuable accounts.”


COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation across industries around the globe; and during this time, conversational sales and marketing emerged as the new way for sellers to connect with buyers. But as sales teams get back on the road, buyers will continue to expect the same level of service. When sales teams are on-the-go, they miss pivotal moments to meet with buyers.

Qualified Anywhere—the new mobile app for iOS and Android—brings the Qualified command center to the palm of your hand. Harnessing key features from Qualified X, sales reps are instantly alerted when a target account arrives on the website so they can quickly jump into a conversation right from their phone. This offers complete flexibility throughout their day while continuing to have in-the-moment conversations with website visitors before it’s too late.

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Qualified is the conversational sales and marketing platform for revenue teams that use Salesforce. Leading B2B brands such as Adobe, Bitly, SurveyMonkey, ThoughtSpot and VMware trust Qualified to grow their pipeline by tapping into their greatest sales & marketing asset — their corporate website — to identify their most valuable buyers, understand their intent and instantly start a sales conversation. Customers that use Qualified report a 10X increase in sales meetings, a 4X increase in lead conversion, and a 6X increase in pipeline. Qualified runs natively on Salesforce to give companies a 360-degree view of their website visitors, and is ranked #1 in its category on the Salesforce AppExchange. Headquartered in San Francisco, Qualified is led by former Salesforce CMO Kraig Swensrud and former Salesforce product SVP Sean Whiteley, and funded by Norwest Venture Partners, Redpoint Ventures and Salesforce Ventures. To learn more, visit

Mission North for Qualified

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