$2B Multinational Telecommunications Organization, Poly, Increased Pipeline by 22%

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$2B Multinational Telecommunications Organization, Poly, Increased Pipeline by 22%

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About the Company
Poly is a $2B global telecommunications corporation that develops voice, video, and communication technologies. Headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA, they have over 6,500 employees working in 75 offices worldwide.

Poly used the Qualified Pipeline Cloud to segment huge volumes of website traffic and route qualified buyers to their dedicated sales rep for a real-time conversation, increasing pipeline by 22%.

Poly is a $2B multinational telecommunications corporation that engineers audio and video products. Based in Santa Cruz, CA, Poly has 6,500 employees in 75 global offices. Poly’s services have been instrumental in facilitating the COVID-related shift from in-office work to working from anywhere because of their pro-grade solutions, including: video cameras, headsets, and the Poly Lens designed to keep employee devices functioning properly. That’s why 100% of Fortune 500 companies, like Cisco, PepsiCo, and L’Oréal, use Poly products to foster collaboration and connection, no matter where their employees are located. 

In addition to providing the largest enterprises in the U.S. with advanced business communication solutions, Poly wanted to tap into the mid-market sector because of its enormous growth potential. To do so, they put Qualified’s Pipeline Cloud into motion and targeted mid-market accounts with paid ads and outbound emails, driving valuable traffic to their website for real-time conversations. But with huge volumes of website traffic each month, a good problem to have, Poly struggled to identify when these visitors were on the site and convert them into pipeline. 

Poly understood the power of conversational sales and marketing and saw immediate value in Qualified Conversations given the deep Salesforce relationship, the ability to properly segment website traffic, and the opportunity to have real-time conversations with qualified buyers on the site.

Poly welcomes visitors with an invitation to have a real-time conversation

The Challenge

Poly has achieved great success in the enterprise sector, but they knew there was limitless untapped potential in the middle market. In an effort to drive more pipeline in this sector, they turned to their website, which had millions of visitors each month. With so much site traffic, Poly knew it was sitting on a goldmine of potential pipeline, but the marketing team struggled to convert qualified visitors. 

Previously, Poly was using a form-fill tool to capture potential prospects on their site; however, they were unable to proactively qualify and route prospects before those forms were submitted. Instead, form submissions went straight to a “first available” sales queue without being properly vetted. This created noise for their sales team who would spend precious time combing through forms to qualify leads, many of which were existing customers trying to connect with the support team or Poly partners needing to access the partner portal. 

The Poly team needed a way to skip the forms. Instead, they wanted to proactively identify and segment qualified web traffic at mid-market businesses, then route those visitors to their dedicated account owner for a real-time conversation. Not only would this help their sales reps focus on the right visitors, it would also automatically redirect customers and partners to the best resources for their needs. A win-win for everyone.

The Solution

Poly turned to Qualified because of the Pipeline Cloud’s advanced segmentation and routing capabilities, as well as the Qualified Success Architects’ (QSA) Salesforce expertise. Before launching their program, the Poly team worked closely with their dedicated QSA, Sterling, to assemble a strategy:

  • Use chatbots across high-value webpages to greet visitors and ask a series of qualification questions then route them based on their responses
  • Automatically segment known visitors from mid-market accounts from the larger pool of website visitors then route them to a dedicated sales rep based on Salesforce data
  • Instantly alert sales reps when valuable visitors arrive on the website so they can proactively start a conversation
The Qualified Chatbot greets visitors, asks a series of qualification questions, then routes them based on their responses

From the start, the Qualified team was dedicated to Poly’s success; building complex branching logic, mitigating routing issues, and efficiently onboarding sales reps. Qualified helped Poly with every aspect of their journey.

“I don’t think I’ve ever engaged with another vendor that has given us so much help. Qualified has been amazing in helping us get up and running,” said Michelle Martin, Head of Mid-Market Inside Sales Strategy and Execution.

The Result

Within just five months of using Qualified, Poly increased pipeline by 22% and generated $24 million in influenced pipeline through customer-centric conversations. Poly’s pipeline creation was directly attributed to website visitors who engaged in Qualified Conversations and were captured as Stage-1 Opportunities.

With Qualified, Poly was also able to route customers and partners as needed, increasing deflection rates by 40% and freeing up time for sales reps to focus on inbound leads. 

In terms of advice, Poly recommends leaning on your Qualified sales rep and Qualified Success Architect to help you identify your goals and KPIs.

According to Michelle Martin, “You absolutely cannot go wrong with implementing this tool on your website. If you are a B2B company, you need to have it. It's not even a nice-to-have anymore, especially for high growth companies."

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