Staffbase is Laser-Focused on Using Conversational Marketing to Convert More Website Visitors

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Staffbase is an employee experience platform that gives companies an easy way to connect with their on-the-go workforce.
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Staffbase uses Qualified to transform their website into a platform for real-time sales conversations.

Staffbase is giving companies a better way to connect with their mobile workforce. Now, companies can house all of their employee-facing information in one easy-to-use mobile app. With Staffbase, on-the-go employees have everything from onboarding checklists to health insurance information at their fingertips. Communications teams at some of the world’s biggest brands trust Staffbase for their employee apps, including Adidas, Vodafone, and Mercedes Benz.

Staffbase has a steady flow of website traffic but when their marketing team looked at their conversion rates, they felt like they were missing out on an opportunity to convert more website visitors into pipeline. The Staffbase team is laser-focused on using Conversational Marketing to fix that. 

Here’s how Staffbase plans to use Qualified’s Conversational Marketing solution to meet with hot buyers and propel them through the sales funnel. 

Qualified Conversational Marketing Solution
Conversational Marketing transforms the website into a platform for personalized sales conversations

The Challenge

Staffbase’s inbound marketing and account-based marketing strategies have one thing in common: every ad, email, and event drives people to their corporate website. But when people would land on their site, there was no one there to greet them and aid them through their evaluation process.

Staffbase selected a website chat tool to bridge this gap, but they quickly ran into roadblocks. The sales team had a hard time navigating the application, resulting in low adoption. Additionally, the tool encouraged Staffbase to use bots to greet every website visitor and there wasn’t a way to prioritize certain visitors for live sales conversations. As a result, the tool became a customer support channel, rather than a thriving sales channel as they had originally intended.

Staffbase needed to rethink their Conversational Marketing strategy and technology, so they went back to the drawing board.

The Solution

Staffbase selected Qualified as their new Conversational Marketing solution because of its differentiated, sales-focused approach. Staffbase was excited about the vision of having their sales people engage with their most qualified website visitors, right on their website. In addition to giving sales access to more conversations, they also knew this approach would provide a better website experience for visitors who were looking to buy. 

Jason Etter, Staffbase, talks about the promise of conversational marketing for their website

The Use Case 

Staffbase made a game plan for how they’d use Qualified to generate more marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and improve their conversion rates. Staffbase had a firm grasp on which pages had the highest website traffic and converted at the highest rate, like their “Get a Quote” page and their most popular content piece. Staffbase decided to make these pages even better by adding a two-way door to talk to sales.

PRO TIP: High performing pages are known as “golden pages”. These are a natural starting place for a new Conversational Marketing program.

In addition to qualifying visitors who engage with golden pages, Staffbase will also qualify people who complete a form. Once website visitors hit “submit”, they will be greeted with an invitation to meet with their team in real time, while the product is top of mind.

Why wait? Open a magic door to talk to qualified website visitors immediately after they submit a form.

Staffbase will also fold Conversational Marketing into their larger Account-Based Marketing strategy. The vision is to be able to greet target accounts by name and route them to the right salesperson the moment the target account lands on their site, so Staffbase can roll out the red carpet for these VIPs. 

PRO TIP: Conversational ABM helps you meet with your target accounts and have intelligent sales conversations with your VIPs. It is a key pillar of any ABM strategy. 

Bots will still come into play and help Staffbase scale their program, surface popular content, and get to know their website visitors. They can ask a few additional questions to visitors who are exploring other content, and then qualify or disqualify these visitors accordingly. 

Since Qualified seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, Staffbase can create leads in a snap, and track how conversations convert into pipeline.

Jason Etter, Staffbase, Talks about the value of handing leads over to sales

What’s Next

Staffbase is excited about the promise of Conversational Marketing. They are confident that it will help them improve conversions, generate more Marketing Qualified Leads, and deliver a phenomenal website experience.

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