AppExchange Chat: How the Salesforce Ohana supercharges demand gen

Real-time conversations that generate even more pipeline with AppExchange Chat, powered by Qualified.

Crystal Reitmeir
Crystal Reitmeir
March 24, 2022
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Salesforce customers of all sizes rely on the Salesforce AppExchange. It’s a trusted marketplace offering 4,000+ solutions for every business challenge. Many folks often browse the AppExchange to explore apps, read product reviews, and request demos. It’s an indispensable resource for extending Salesforce within any organization and solving modern business problems. 

Not only is the AppExchange helpful for Salesforce customers, it’s also a major lead generator for both Salesforce  ISV and SI Partners. Each AppExchange listing includes the opportunity to request a demo, which then gets routed to the Partner’s sales team. These are high-intent, qualified prospects who are interested in learning more about a product or service. But what if you could bring the benefits of conversational marketing to the AppExchange?

Instantly engage with leads on the Salesforce AppExchange

With AppExchange Chat, powered by Qualified, Salesforce Partners can instantly start a real-time conversation with high-value prospects right on their AppExchange listing. This means they can answer questions and book a meeting in that pivotal moment when prospects are interested in learning more. Whether the engagement is live with a sales rep or automated with a chatbot, AppExchange Chat will gather contact information and capture leads around the clock.

AppExchange Chat for Natterbox on the Salesforce AppExchange

When sales reps immediately engage with qualified prospects or target accounts, conversion rates increase by roughly 62%. Partners who have invested in AppExchange Chat can attest. They’re seeing phenomenal results with more leads, more pipeline, and more revenue.

Completely customizable to meet your business needs

Partners can configure AppExchange Chat however they need, based on their sales teams and unique business goals. The Salesforce Partner first defines specific criteria—like company size, industries, or countries—to determine when the chat messenger is triggered. These criteria help sales teams make best use of their time by engaging with visitors who align closely with business strategies. 

Additionally, Partners can leverage both their marketing automation platform and Salesforce data to identify each visitor and whether they’re already engaged in a sales cycle. If they are, the visitor will see a personalized message and be routed to the appropriate salesperson. 

Sales reps can also view the browsing behavior of each AppExchange visitor and proactively initiate conversations when it makes the most sense. For example, if someone is reading customer reviews, then a salesperson could reach out and offer additional customer stories. 

“What we really like with this platform is that it helps us both to chat but also to pounce, to give relevant messages, personalized based on what information it can pick up that ultimately improves our conversion rate,” said Finn O Nuallain, Head of Global Business Development at Odaseva.

“Being able to see the data about the users visiting our AppExchange listing through the system is invaluable to us,” said Conrad Davenport, Digital Marketing Director at FormAssembly.

Get the full power of Qualified to supercharge your demand gen

AppExchange Partners can also feature Qualified on their owned website, to deliver a seamless buying experience across channels and unify all their user data into one platform. If a sales rep greets a buyer on an AppExchange listing, and that buyer makes their way over to the owned site, the same sales rep can greet them and continue the conversation without missing a beat. This is the experience your buyers crave.

Want to learn more?

With Qualified on the AppExchange, everybody wins:

  • Salesforce Partners get instant access to high-intent, qualified leads 
  • Sales teams can have engaging conversations and drive more pipeline 
  • Salesforce customers get timely answers to important questions

AppExchange Chat is available to the Partner Community through the AppExchange Marketing Program (AMP). Learn more about the program details and sign up now by navigating to the AppExchange Chat Education page.

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