Live from the Sirius Decisions Summit 2019

See what we've been up to this week with Salesforce Pardot, live from the global gathering of B2B sales and marketing pros

Kraig Swensrud
Kraig Swensrud
May 8, 2019
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Sirius Decisions Summit? What's That?

Sirius Decisions isn't quite a household name, so we'll break it down for you. Sirius Decisions is a B2B market analyst and consulting company. They have a methodology that helps B2B companies create more highly performing marketing and sales organizations, and they help B2B companies supercharge their revenue engine by making recommendations around org structure, processes, technology. So Sirius Decisions is kind of like a Gartner or a Forrester for B2B sales and marketing teams. And since they were just acquired by Forrester, you might say that they are actually Forrester for B2B sales and marketing teams.

Every year a couple thousand B2B sales and marketing pros from all types of companies across all industries descend upon one city to talk shop and learn best practices from one another. This year in Austin, Texas there were about 2,500 attendees who shares stories, talked marketing tech, learned from one another and shared best practices. Here's what's happening at the show:

Celebs and Keynotes

The week kicked off on Monday morning with all-star rapper and Grammy award-winning artist Common. If you've ever asked yourself, "Who's that guy in the Microsoft AI commercials?" Well, that's Common! Common's brief keynote was hard hitting, and he got right to the heart of the key issues that are running through our companies today, including technology, AI, diversity, inclusion, equality, and giving back.

Grammy award winning artist Common

Product Announcements

On Monday we broke the news that we released Qualified for Salesforce Pardot, a new product that brings conversational marketing together with the power of Salesforce Pardot's award-winning B2B marketing automation platform. The news was released at the event and we couldn't be more excited to be joining forces with the Salesforce Pardot team. Here's a pic of the Pardot crew sporting their new Qualified schwag, looking sharp!

The Pardot marketing team announcing Qualified for Salesforce Pardot

Live 1:1 Technology Demos

As part of the announcement, we were a centerpiece of the Salesforce B2B marketing pavilion, showing attendees the new technology live through 1:1 demos. If you've ever been to Dreamforce, well this is much smaller, but much more targeted. Everyone at the show is focused on tech that drives B2B revenue, so the live product demos were spot on.

Sean Whiteley demonstrating Qualified for Salesforce Pardot at Sirius Decisions in Austin, TX
Qualified co-founder Sean Whiteley showing off the new tech

Live Streaming and Podcasting

The center of the expo hall stood the Salesforce B2B marketing pavilion and the Marketing Trends podcasting booth. If you haven't listened or subscribed to the Marketing Trends podcast yet, now's the time. It's one of the fastest growing podcasts on Apple and Spotify and features a ton of B2B marketing leaders. Luckily my co-founder Sean and I had the opportunity to guest star and record one of their upcoming episodes. Listen on the podcast for Alec Baldwin..."the leads are NOT weak!"

Kraig Swensrud and Sean Whiteley on the B2B Marketing Trends Podcast sponsored by Salesforce Pardot
Kraig and Sean on the B2B Marketing Trends Podcast

Information Sharing in Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are always the key for information sharing at events like this, but Sirius Decisions is special because this is not a vendor-led conference. Because Sirius Decisions is a research and analyst company, all of the breakout sessions were centered around attendees telling their war stories and sharing best practices

Breakout sessions led by attendees, brilliant.

It's a wrap!

As the event comes to a close we'd like to thank our new BFFs at Salesforce Pardot for being our newest (and our most favorite partner). We're at the beginning of an exciting journey with Pardot and couldn't be more excited for the future. Onward to the next event!


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