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Grow pipeline faster than ever before with a revolutionary new set of technologies and processes designed for modern B2B buyers.

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Scott Holden
CMO, ThoughtSpot
Scott Leatherman
CMO, Veritone, Inc.
Lisa Garvey
VP of Marketing,
Forward Networks

The world's greatest marketers drive pipeline with the Pipeline Cloud

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Why Choose Qualified?

Qualified customers drive undeniable marketing ROI

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What is the Pipeline Cloud For Marketing?

The modern way B2B marketers generate pipeline

The Pipeline Cloud for Marketing is a tried-and-true strategy designed to help CMOs and demand generation leaders maximize ROI on ad spend and generate more pipeline from their most prized asset - their corporate website. Gone are the days of one-size-fits all forms.

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What's in it for the CMO?

Generate 10X more pipeline from your website

Deliver a VIP website experience that converts

Know when your target accounts land on your site, then roll out the red carpet. Send personalized messages referencing their name and company, past conversations, and content they’ve browsed.

Supercharge website-driven pipeline

Make your website work for you. Give your most qualified buyers the option to instantly meet with sales and easily book meetings. More conversations equals more closed pipeline.

Maximize digital ad spend and pipeline generation

Target high-intent buyers with search and display ads. Then, engage paid traffic with timely, contextual conversations, helping you convert more visitors and maximize ad spend.

Veritone drove 3x ROI in the first five months as well as $2M+ in pipeline with the Pipeline Cloud.

Scott Leatherman

With Qualified, we have clear visibility into site traffic and browsing activity so reps can have meaningful conversations with buyers. We’re hooked!

Lisa Garvey
VP of Marketing

With the Pipeline Cloud, ThoughtSpot has generated $13M in pipeline and $2M in revenue. Unbelievable!

Scott Holden

The Pipeline Cloud for Marketing in Action

Put the Pipeline Cloud into action with these key plays.

The 1-2 Punch for Marketing

Start relevant, personalized sales conversations with prospects who click through your digital ads. This strategy results in a 15% conversation rate.

The Trifecta for Marketing

Use buyer intent data to determine which accounts are showing high purchase intent. Then, serve these VIP buyers targeted ads, driving them back to your site, for a contextual conversation that converts. This strategy results in 25% more conversations.
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Pipeline Cloud Playbook

The Pipeline Cloud generates more pipeline for modern revenue teams, faster. Discover five key plays to put the Pipeline Cloud into action.

Welcome to the Pipeline Cloud

Learn what the Pipeline Cloud is, the technology and motion behind it, the teams that best benefit from it, and how to leverage it at your organization.

The 5 Pillars of the Pipeline Cloud

Learn the 5 pillars of the Pipeline Cloud that are guaranteed to generate more pipeline for modern revenue teams.
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