The Qualified Smart Website

Optimize your entire website for conversion by instantly transforming every call-to-action button, every link, every form, and every conversational experience the moment a visitor arrives on your site.

The Smart Website

Deliver a dynamic website experience to every visitor

The Qualified Smart Website is the foundation of the Pipeline Cloud, and will instantly transform conversion points on your static, one-size-fits-all website to drive more pipeline.
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When you can leverage all the data in Salesforce to power your Smart Website, magic happens

With your Smart Website and Salesforce, you get crystal-clear visibility into every visitor who is on your site. Then, dynamically update every conversion point in an instant to give each buyer a 1:1 experience optimized to drive pipeline.
Salesforce-Connected Website
Hi Jay! Kyle here, Carta’s dedicated sales rep. Interested in our investors solution?
Hi Kyle! Wow, yes. I’m looking for info on Carta for investors.
No problem! Want to jump on a video call?
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The Qualified Smart Website

Build a unique website experience for every visitor, no code required

Smart Website Builder is your command center. Visualize your website interface in real time, then use point-and-click tools to design bespoke website experiences for each unique visitor.

Deliver 1:1 hyper-personalized conversational experiences at scale

Smart Messenger utilizes Salesforce data, visitor cookies from marketing automation, buying intent from ABM platforms, and more to welcome website visitors with a custom chatbot. When it is time for a live conversation, Smart Messenger routes to the right rep for live chat, voice, and video, without ever leaving the site.
Hi Miles! Sara here, OwnBackup’s dedicated sales rep. Interested in our Salesforce solution?
Hi Sara! Wow, yes. I’m looking for info on Salesforce.
No problem! Would you like to jump on a video call now?

The Smart Website optimizes my entire site for conversion, enhancing the experience for each visitor and generating more pipeline for our team.

Alex Mazza
Marketing Operations

Qualified is the tip of the spear for our website.  I now have a level of confidence that didn’t exist before Qualified.

Scott Leatherman

We're able to cut our SLA in response time on the website from hours to seconds, enabling us to turn more of those conversations into pipeline and revenue.

Matt Buren
Global Sales & RevOps Leader
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See how to turn your website into a pipeline generation machine

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Smart Forms

Form fills don’t have to lead to long sales queues and endless back-and-forth emails

Use your web forms to automatically qualify inbound leads. When a website visitor submits a Smart Form and they’re deemed qualified, fast track them to sales for a realtime conversation. If no reps are available, present them with meeting scheduling options.
Smart Buttons and Links

Dynamic buttons and links give qualified buyers a fast lane to your sales team

Customize every website call-to-action button and link based on who the visitor is and where they are in the buying journey. When visitors meet your qualification criteria, give them a direct path to book a meeting with your sales team instead of a generic form.
Powered by the qualified

As the world’s first native pipeline generation platform built exclusively for Salesforce, Xforce leverages hundreds of thousands of unique Salesforce configurations and data architectures to help our customers deliver customized, bespoke experiences.


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