Announcing Qualified Enterprise SSO

SaaS is a big business, but it’s not without risk.

Businesses of all sizes rely heavily on software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps, and this trend continues to grow significantly year over year. In 2019, SaaS usage was up nearly 30%, with an average of 137 apps per company. This trend is even more significant for enterprise businesses, who typically use about 288 different SaaS apps across their businesses. 

While SaaS software undoubtedly offers innumerable benefits, the influx of app adoption causes businesses to be much more vulnerable to security risks. Each app requires a username and password, which can be extremely complicated to manage for hundreds—or even thousands—of employees. Increased login credentials often mean decreased password hygiene that potentially leads to security breaches for your business.

That’s why single sign-on (SSO) is so crucial. With a single point of entry and one complex password, identity management becomes significantly more effective and safeguards your business.

Qualified Enterprise SSO streamlines the login experience.

At Qualified, customer trust and data security is a top priority. It’s our goal to help protect your business from vulnerabilities while also increasing productivity for your teams. That’s why we now offer SSO through multiple Identity Providers (IdP)—including Okta, Azure, and OneLogin. 

With Qualified Enterprise SSO, you get:

Implementing Enterprise SSO is easy! Simply connect Qualified to your preferred IdP, then log in to Qualified to enable your account. Once enabled, you can begin inviting team members to the Qualified application tile within your IdP.

Want to learn more?

If you have additional questions about Enterprise SSO, we’d love to talk with you. Feel free to live chat us directly on the website or reach out to our sales team at any time.

Posted on
October 16, 2020
Crystal Reitmeir

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