#DF22 Day 3 Recap

What a week at Dreamforce! See how our final day in the campground went.

#DF22 Day 3 Recap
Shelly Weaver
Shelly Weaver
September 22, 2022
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It’s our final day at Dreamforce, and we ended things with a bang! See what we got up to on the last day of #DF22.

Thanks for swinging by our booth

We met with so many Dreamforce attendees this week and had some truly inspirational conversations. Thanks for taking the time to chat and showing Piper the Pipeline Panda so much love!

How Carta Generated $2M in Pipeline in Just Two Months

(Left) Sean Whiteley, Qualified, and (Right) Anna Centrella, Carta sharing key takeaways

Anna Centrella, Director of Sales Development, at Carta took center stage with Sean Whiteley, our Founder and President, to discuss how Carta generated $2M in pipeline in just two months with Qualified. 

Anna oversees a team of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) whose primary role is to capture and qualify pipeline for the sales team to convert into revenue. Since implementing the Pipeline Cloud, Carta has influenced $4.9M in pipeline, generated $2M in pipeline, and achieved 687% ROI. That’s possible because Qualified enables Anna’s team to quickly recognize and engage with VIP visitors, helping them book more meetings with qualified buyers. 

When asked what advice she would give to someone just starting out with Qualified, Anna shared two tips: 

“Number one: Don’t compare Qualified to Drift. Drift is a chatbot and Qualified is a much more robust platform. Number two: Break the implementation down into phases. The tool is phenomenal and there's so much you can do with it.” 

To learn more about Carta’s journey with Qualified, see their story here

How Adecco Turned Its Website into a Pipe Gen Machine

(Left) Maura Rivera, Qualified, and Melissa Robinson Phillips, Adecco USA 

Melissa Robinson Phillips, Head of Marketing, at Adecco USA joined our CMO, Maura Rivera, in the Campground to share how Adecco turned their website into a pipeline generation machine. Adecco needed to modernize their approach to generating pipeline if they were to stay relevant and ahead of their competitors—and that started with their corporate website. 

“Adecco’s secret sauce is in our people. Qualified is a way to have human contact through technology versus putting technology between us and our customers. That’s what made you all stand out and why we ultimately chose Qualified,” said Melissa. 

Since going live with the Pipeline Cloud 24 months ago, Adecco has generated $57.7M in pipeline, $24.4M in revenue and achieved 29,000% ROI. 

“The magic really is the people at the end of the day. The technology just makes the “people things” happen easier, faster and with less friction,” said Melissa. 

Customer highlights

Today, we hosted Qualified champions from Vonage, Revature, and ThoughtSpot at our office.

(Left) Jimmy Cabral, Qualified, and (Right) Naveen Kazim, Revature coordinating with their blue floral shirts 👯

In total, we captured 28 customer photos including three customer video interviews. We’ll be sharing their success stories on our website and social channels so be on the lookout for this latest class of champions.

Until next year, Dreamforce!

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