Dreamforce day 2 recap

The fun continues on Day 2 of Dreamforce! Here are our main takeaways from the second day of Salesforce’s annual event.

Dreamforce day 2 recap
Crystal Reitmeir
Crystal Reitmeir
September 23, 2021
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The fun continued on Day 2 of Dreamforce—packed with engaging sessions and forward-looking content. Plus, special appearances by actor Will Smith, comedian Wanda Sykes, and gymnast/activist Aly Raisman as well as business leaders like Williams Sonoma CEO Laura Alber and Rocket Mortgage CEO Jay Farner. The new Salesforce+ format leaves nothing to be desired, as Trailblazers around the world have unfettered access to the entire virtual Dreamforce experience.

Let’s jump in to explore some key themes from Day 2

1. Investing in new technology is critical to becoming an intelligent business

The B2B landscape is complex and ever-changing; a trend that has only been accelerated by COVID-19. We’re operating in a digital-first space—with digital buyers and an emerging digital workforce—and companies must quickly pivot if they want to succeed. This means thinking holistically about reinvention and leaning into new technologies, like AI and machine learning. These solutions will help businesses create intelligent workflows, team alignment, and increased productivity. This is especially true for sales and marketing teams working to connect with both each other and digital buyers. Modern businesses require modern ways of working—and that starts with new, evolving technologies.

2. Despite a digital transformation, humanizing sales is invaluable

We’re now fully immersed in a hybrid sales world where digital buying has become the norm. While many businesses are shifting their sales strategy to digital-first, we can’t forget the value of human-to-human sales. Sole reliance on digital buying through chatbots and self-serve models can undermine buyer confidence, which often leads to purchase regret. Instead, sales reps must leverage new technology to facilitate buying decisions, keep buyers engaged, and meet them on their terms. This is the future of sales.

3. Community is key when it comes to business success

Modern businesses rely on strong communities, and there’s no greater example than the Salesforce Trailblazer community. Those who foster relationships with their customers, create champions, and offer value-based experiences also deepen their competitive advantage. This is also true for companies that build an employee community, especially in today's distributed workforce. Throughout Dreamforce, sustainability was also top-of-mind. Since we are all connected—through one planet, one ecosystem, and one economy—it’s through sustainability that we also connect as a community.

Our “boots on the ground” team continued to connect with Trailblazers all throughout San Francisco. 

#DF21: Social highlights

The buzz on Twitter continued through Day 2 with the #DF21 hashtag getting even more love from the Trailblazer community. Here are more favorite social moments!

The one and only Parker Harris took to the stage for the first ever architect keynote at Dreamforce where he announced Salesforce Well-Architected, a new initiative to “build things that last” through sharing best practices on key topics like performance, scalability, and speed to value.

Tweet by Parker Harris, Salesforce Co-Founder, Salesforce

There would be no Dreamforce without you and the rest of the Trailblazers across the Salesforce ecosystem. Bret and Sarah joined a Trailblazer Community Campfire where attendees were able to ask questions and hear stories in an intimate setting.

Tweet by Bret Taylor, CTO, Salesforce

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air aka Will Smith left attendees and viewers inspired on day 2 with an important conversation on transformation, manifestation, and purpose.

Tweet by Ally Siegel, Senior Director, Equality Enablement and Content

San Francisco Mayor, London Breed, joined the Black Women in Leadership session for a powerful conversation on leadership, identity, and more.

Tweet by BOLDforce

That's a wrap on day 2!

Don’t forget to tune into Qualified’s session on Salesforce+: “How to Drive 10X More Pipeline with Target Accounts.” In this session we break down how you can leverage the power of Sales Cloud and conversational sales and marketing to meet with VIPs in real time, right on the website. Plus, Qualified’s Chief Customer Officer Dan Darcy sits down with Kyle Christensen, CMO of Zuora and an incredible customer, to talk about how they’re putting this to practice and seeing incredible results. 

Only one more day to go!

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