Dreamforce day 3 recap

That's a Wrap! The magic continued on the last day of Dreamforce. Here are our main takeaways from the third day of Salesforce’s annual event.

Dreamforce day 3 recap
Jessica Ding
Jessica Ding
September 24, 2021
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What a week! The magic continued on the last day of Dreamforce. We heard insights from top industry leaders who are redefining the future of work and learned how to build a sustainable future. We also paused a few moments to express our gratitude for the opportunity to be reunited in-person with our Trailblazer community.

Here's a roundup of our main takeaways from day 3 of Dreamforce:

1. Dreamforce may be over but the Trusted Enterprise is just getting started

The theme of this year’s Dreamforce was focused around being a Trusted Enterprise. Throughout the week, Salesforce invited businesses across all industries to share how they are navigating the current trust crisis, how to get back to growth, and how to improve the state of the world. The momentum continued with an intimate conversation between Marc Benioff and CEO and Founder of Zoom, Eric Yuan.

He shared that Zoom has one value: Care - about your customers, community, company, teammates, and selves. To build trust with your customers, you need to care about them. This happens by listening to them and hearing their pain points. Competitors can always catch-up on product innovation but trust is built through time, by listening to your customer and putting them at the center of every decision. Customers don’t want to do business with companies that they don’t trust.

2. The future of work is digital-first

Today’s leaders are reimagining new ways to work with a digital-first lense. Stewart Butterfield, CEO and Co-Founder of Slack, and Jennifer Tejada, Chairperson & CEO of PagerDuty, took to the stage to share how Digital HQs will be more important than physical ones—driving more inclusive, flexible, and productive cultures.

With the majority of employees working from home for 1.5 years now , the shift isn’t about the office anymore, but rather how to build a strong company, culture, and product when employees aren’t able to gather together in one room. Slack, the new Digital HQ, in partnership with Salesforce, the number one CRM platform, enables companies to easily connect their teams, customers, partners, and systems in one digital source of truth.

Jennifer shared how Slack not only better connects her to employees, but how it has also helped to democratize and flatten the overall organization. Employees are now able to reach out directly to her in real-time. She’s able to look into different Slack channels and get an authentic pulse check on how employees are feeling. This week, Slack unveiled a series of new product innovations at Dreamforce, such as Clips—an easy way for team members to quickly capture and share video recordings in-app, and Slack Connect—a better way to work with people outside your company to prevent business email scams. Learn about them here.

3. Companies must prioritize building a sustainable future

The world is in a climate crisis. A recent UN IPCC report says that we’re in a ‘Code Red’ for humanity. Salesforce Chief Impact Officer, Suzanne DiBianca, is spearheading Salesforce’s efforts towards a more sustainable future and setting an example for other businesses: “The theme for Dreamforce this year is around being a Trusted Enterprise. We know that being a Trusted Enterprise in this new world means showing that we can be trusted to protect our planet, and do our part in the fight against climate change.”

This week, Salesforce announced it achieved Net Zero emissions across its entire value chain and 100% renewable energy, while purchasing carbon offsets when that’s not possible. The company also advanced its Sustainability Cloud offering with new innovation including Slack-First Sustainability for better collaboration with suppliers, a carbon-offset ecosystem, and industry-specific climate action plans.

#DF21: Social highlights

The day 3 momentum carried over to social with the #DF21 hashtag lighting up nonstop; here are our favorite social moments!

Day 3 was filled with reflection and gratitude. We saw that come through across social media posts from Salesforce executives and employees, and Dreamforce attendees. Here at Qualified, we are extremely grateful to Salesforce for putting together another amazing, and more importantly, safe Dreamforce.

Tweet by Bret Taylor, President & COO, Salesforce

It’s clear that the future of events is digital-first. Attendees who experienced Dreamforce virtually through Salesforce+ had just as much fun.

Tweet by Lissa Smith, Business Architect, Salesforce

CEO and Founder of Zoom, Eric Yuan, joined Marc on the mainstage to discuss customer success, values, and more.

Tweet by Zoom

The 40th U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Stephanie Finck, and the European Commissioner for Internal Market, Thierry Breton, shared tips on being a leader in today’s digital-first world.

Tweet by Stephanie Finck, Vice President, EMEA Government Affairs, Salesforce

Sustainability was at the heart of Dreamforce. On behalf of all Dreamforce sponsors, including Qualified, Salesforce planted 290,000 trees in areas of need.

Tweet by Dreamforce

That's a wrap!

And that’s a wrap on Dreamforce 2021! Keep the fun going by tuning into into Qualified’s session on Qualified+: “How to Drive 10X More Pipeline with Target Accounts.” In this session we break down how you can leverage the power of Sales Cloud and conversational sales and marketing to meet with VIPs in real time, right on the website. Plus, Qualified’s Chief Customer Officer Dan Darcy sits down with Kyle Christensen, CMO of Zuora and an incredible customer, to talk about how they’re putting this to practice and seeing incredible results. 

Until Dreamforce 2022, see you on Qualified+ and Qualified.com!

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