Google's new “Unknown Sender” policy and how it impacts Qualified Meetings

Google’s recent calendar spam protection policy is designed to protect personal gmail accounts

Crystal Reitmeir
Crystal Reitmeir
June 7, 2023
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What’s the deal with Google's new “Unknown Sender” policy? 

Recently, Google updated its default calendar settings to reduce spam from blocking personal calendars. For example, those random calendar invites written in another language that suddenly appear all over your personal gmail calendar… sound familiar? To combat this, Google has changed their policy to require confirmation from the invitee before adding the event to their calendar if there has been no previous email correspondence with the meeting owner.

Google’s new policy has minimal impact on Qualified Meetings

Part of the Pipeline Cloud, Qualified Meetings is a meeting scheduling and routing solution that books more meetings with qualified buyers on the corporate website. When VIP buyers arrive on the site, Qualified will offer instant scheduling options with their dedicated account team triggered by smart forms, smart buttons, live chat, or chatbots. 

Transform web forms into immediate pipeline with Qualified Smart Forms

As Google’s new policy is designed to protect personal gmail accounts, Qualified Meetings functions primarily in the B2B space and is not impacted. Regardless, Qualified is actively putting safeguards in place to ensure compliance with this policy change and minimize any potential impact on our customers.

Our team will continue to monitor how this policy evolves and will investigate additional solutions in the event that this policy impacts business domains in the future. As always, our customers are our primary focus and we are dedicated to their success. If you are an existing Qualified customer currently allowing meetings to be booked with personal gmail addresses, please connect with your Qualified Success Architect for best practices.

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