How do you know if your ABX strategy Is working?

If you hear your customers saying any of these three phrases, you can give yourself a pat on the back.

Emma Calderon
Emma Calderon
February 17, 2022
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Data is hugely important for knowing whether or not your account-based experience (ABX) strategy is working. After all, it’s difficult to argue with a pipeline report. But metrics alone can’t pierce the central question of ABX: Is the customer actually having a positive experience? Since this question is more subjective, it’s harder to answer—but certainly not impossible.

If you hear your customers saying any of the following three phrases, you can give yourself a pat on the back. You’re nailing your ABX strategy. (Just don’t throw out the reports either!)

“My sales rep knew what I needed before I did”

A good ABX strategy is all about anticipating your customers’ needs. Knowledgeable sales reps—armed with good account intelligence—can make customers feel understood and supported. Customers enter a sales cycle with a detailed understanding of their own company and problems, but they rarely have the knowledge to connect the dots from their problems to your solution. They may know in general terms what your solution does, but they may not know about add-ons or newer features that can solve their problems better than they’d imagined possible. 

This is where an experienced sales rep can make the difference between a protracted, frustrating experience and a seamless, pleasant one. For example, if a sales rep is talking to a customer from a specific vertical they don’t know much about, they can find transcripts from past conversations with customers from that vertical in their conversational marketing platform to understand the nuances of that persona. Bringing this deep knowledge of the customer’s needs to the call—and knowing what they need before they do—is a sure way to create an excellent customer experience.

“They made me look great to my team”

Pitching a new software purchase to your team is not for the faint of heart. Recognize that prospects are brave souls courageous enough to put their reputation on the line to vouch for your product. So as a member of the ABX team, make sure you make them look good. For example, if a member of the buying committee hits the website and encounters a friendly but clueless SDR who contradicts what the champion said because they don’t know the product yet, then you’re making your champion look bad.

On the other hand, if a member of the buying committee hits the website and is instantly greeted by the sales rep already involved in the deal who is versed in the context of that particular deal, then the original champion will look great in front of their peers. When you surface helpful content that explains your solution to the buying committee, you’ll help validate the vision your sponsor has been promoting. When the risk of entering a buying cycle pays off for your champion who put their social capital on the line, then you know your ABX efforts are working.

“My sales rep stuck around throughout implementation”

One of the most classic ABX pitfalls is a bad handoff between pre- and post-sale teams. A prospect may have a great conversation with sales where they’re reassured their specific concerns will be addressed through integrations and software configuration. But after the ink on their contract dries, suddenly the implementation team is responsible for the account. Then it becomes clear that the info the sales rep has been collecting hasn’t gotten passed through the sales cycle.

If you can troubleshoot all handoff points in a sales cycle (including sales to implementation, and implementation to customer success), you can be assured that your customer will have a far better overall experience buying and using your product. You may also want to have implementation folks on sales calls to prevent over-promising.

Listen for these golden phrases

Keep an ear to the ground for these key phrases that tell you you’re producing satisfied customers. ABX is no easy journey, but if you celebrate these small wins along the way, you’ll keep your motivation high to keep creating exceptional experiences. 

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