How Mediafly increased SDR productivity

Mediafly values SDRs as the first line of defense in the sales process—empowering the team with Qualified to find and engage high-quality prospects.

How Mediafly increased SDR productivity
Jodi Cachey
Jodi Cachey
December 14, 2021
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Sales development reps don’t get enough credit. They are responsible for finding high-quality prospects sellers can close but face the reality that cold calling rarely works, and the right decision-makers are hard to find and even harder to reach. What’s more, many companies expect their SDRs to succeed without the right tools in place. 

At Mediafly, we value our SDRs as the first line of defense in the sales process. We want them to have the tools they need to find high-quality prospects and the tools they need to engage those prospects in ways that increase the likelihood they’ll become happy customers. With Qualified, they get both. 

How Mediafly Uses Qualified to Increase SDR Productivity

Qualified allows our SDRs to track ICP accounts and understand their buying intent. At the start of each day, our reps receive an email detailing every account that has visited our website and the pages they viewed, so they can focus their outreach on highly engaged accounts that are likely to convert with content they care about. Throughout the day, the SDR team tracks accounts visiting our website and engages with them in real-time.

While it can take weeks or longer to get through to a decision-maker by email or phone, they find it’s much easier to book a meeting when they can meet a buyer where she is when she is invested in what we have to say. 

“If you can engage visitors in the chat, you can turn a prospect into a meeting much faster,” says Alina DiMiceli, SDR at Mediafly. “We’ve booked at least ten meetings this month that we wouldn’t have booked without Qualified.”

Because Qualified captures visitor location, it also reduces the time it takes our SDRs to find and connect with key decision-makers who don’t engage in the chat. When they see someone from ABC Company visiting our website from Austin, TX, for example, they’re able to plug that information into Linkedin Sales Navigator and often find the contact much sooner than they would have otherwise.

The chat feature allows our SDRs to weed out unqualified prospects without wasting time in a meeting. And when a qualified buyer is ready to speak with a sales rep, they can send calendars through the chatbot to make the process of scheduling a meeting painless. 

How Mediafly Uses Qualified to Personalize Buyer Experiences

In addition to using Qualified to increase SDR productivity, Mediafly also leverages the technology to create more personalized buyer experiences. 

“When you can see what prospective buyers are looking at on the website and understand what they are most interested in, you can be contextually relevant in your outreach and offer them a better buyer experience,” says Harvey Baker, SDR at Mediafly. 

Because our SDRs use Mediafly and Qualified, they have a holistic view of how prospective buyers engage with the content on our website and in our sales application. If they see a visitor engaging with a specific topic on our website, they can quickly pull additional relevant content using the Shortcuts feature in Qualified. 

The content we’ve hyperlinked in Shortcuts lives within our sales application, so we can use Mediafly Insights to track how the prospect consumes the content (how long they viewed it, how many times, and if they shared it) and offer more relevant content based on their interests to keep them engaged.

The more content they consume, the easier it is for our team to lead them down the path to purchase based on their intent.

With more insight into what website pages and content influence prospective buyers, what content and talk tracks lead to opportunities, and what doesn’t, we’re able to refine our go-to-market strategy, give buyers the content they need, and convert more prospects into customers at an accelerated pace.     


About Mediafly

Mediafly is a leading sales enablement and content management technology platform that creates interactive, value-based selling experiences powered by content and analytics. Using Mediafly’s technology, revenue teams at companies including PepsiCo, Disney, GE Healthcare, and Sealed Air effortlessly deliver custom and interactive content that engages buyers in every interaction. Mediafly enables sellers to be more flexible, insightful, and effective with revenue enablement products and data insights for increased sales and stronger customer relationships. Mediafly has been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies for eight years consecutively, in addition to being named Crain’s ‘Best Places to Work’ for four years consecutively. Visit or follow @Mediafly for more information.

Author Bio

Jodi Cachey is the vice president of content strategy & growth marketing at Mediafly, where she is responsible for the strategy and execution of all content marketing initiatives to drive traffic, demand, and growth. With over a decade of experience in the tech space, her previous roles include sales, business development, sales enablement, and product marketing. Jodi attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies.

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