How Stuffed Animal Pros booked 20X more meetings

Read how Shark Tank contestant turned global manufacturer uses Qualified's Conversational Marketing solution to boost sales.

How Stuffed Animal Pros booked 20X more meetings
Maura Rivera
Maura Rivera
July 25, 2019
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Stuffed Animal Pros turns mascots, logos, book characters, celebrities, and corporate icons into custom stuffed animals.  The company appeared on CNBC’s Shark tank in 2015 and received investment offers from both Daymond and Mr. Wonderful. As a result, they’ve been on a high growth trajectory and are bursting with new expansion plans to keep that growth going strong. At this point, they have produced over 70,000 unique designs and established Stuffed Animal Pros as the #1 custom plush company worldwide. 

Here are a few images from the shark tank episode: Shark Tank Episode Budsies Stuffed Animal Pros

Today we released our newest case study about Stuffed Animal Pros, a manufacturer that brings designs, logos, and drawings to life. The case study spotlights how Stuffed Animal Pros implemented Qualified and immediately moved the needle, increasing sales conversations by 18X and booking 20X more sales meetings. ‍

Here are the highlights from the case study, as well as some video snippets from our conversation with Stuffed Animal Pros Project Manager Lauren Elizabeth Mc Ana. 

Stuffed Animal Pros uses Qualified to have high-fidelity sales conversations right on their website

Stuffed Animal Pros is having real-time, personalized sales conversations

With Qualified, the Stuffed Animal Pros Project Management Team has a crystal-clear picture of their website visitors, including a LiveView of exactly how visitors are exploring their site, as well as data points like the visitors’ referral source or geographical location. This information shapes contextual sales conversations that visitors can’t help but engage with. For instance, a Stuffed Animal Pros project manager might greet someone on the Book Author landing page with a specific set of messaging and content, completely different from how they might greet someone on the Brands and Logos landing page. 

Once a conversation is in play, the project manager can seamlessly transition from chat to live phone calls right from the Qualified application, and progress that visitor through the sales cycle. No matter the destination, the team delivers a warm, human sales experience that reflects the Stuffed Animal Pros brand.  

Lauren Elizabeth talks about why she is so excited about conversational marketing and this new way of selling: 

Bots and meeting bookers help them sell around the clock

The selling doesn’t stop when their team goes home. Stuffed Animals Pros has configured LeadBot to engage with visitors who land on their site after-hours. LeadBot collects visitor information, like their name, company, and product interests, and subsequently displays project manager availability so that qualified leads can book a meeting, right from the website. When the Stuffed Animal Pros team gets online in the morning, they have sales meetings on their calendar and all of the prospect information they need to have a high-fidelity sales conversation. 

Lauren Elizabeth shares how her team is leveraging Qualified’s Meeting Booker functionality to connect with more buyers:

Conversational Marketing is boosting sales

Since implementing Qualified, the Stuffed Animal Pros team has seen a huge impact on sales:

  • 18X more sales conversations
  • 20X more sales meetings booked

Want to learn more? Head on over to the Stuffed Animal Pros Case Study to read their full story. 

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