Introducing AI Offers, generally available for Qualified customers today

Surface relevant marketing offers across your website and automate lead capture with a single click.

 Introducing AI Offers, generally available for Qualified customers today
Watch the product launch event to see how AI Offers can work for you
Maura Rivera
Maura Rivera
June 18, 2024
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AI Offers has officially arrived and is generally available for Qualified customers today. Designed to surface relevant marketing offers and automate lead capture across the website, this fresh new product bolsters and broadens the Qualified PipelineAI product suite. This is how you fill your funnel with a lot less effort.

At Qualified we’ve been asking ourselves a big question: “What does generating pipeline look like when everything is automated and AI is doing all of the work?” Well last month we unveiled a major innovation designed to answer this question with Piper the AI SDR. Piper works 24x7 to engage and convert inbound website traffic. So many companies have hired Piper onto their team to give them around-the-clock website coverage, and the feedback has been fantastic! But we’re just getting started. 

So today, we’re sharing more big news aimed to bring AI and automation to the pipeline generation process—Qualified AI Offers is here! A brand new product within our PipelineAI product suite, AI Offers surfaces the most relevant marketing offers for your buyers—like webinars, free trials, ebooks, and product news—then automates lead capture with a single click. This is a surefire way to fill your funnel with a lot less effort. The best part? AI Offers is generally available now.

Qualified AI Offers turns your website touchpoints into an immediate conversion

B2B marketers are wasting resources on offers that don’t convert

As a CMO, I know lead generation is the lifeblood of inbound pipeline. And the backbone of any lead generation motion starts with valuable marketing offers, all intended to generate top-of-funnel leads and get buyers into the sales funnel.

But did you know? 70% of B2B marketing offers sit unused. That’s a massive number! Marketing teams are working hard to produce highly valuable content but it’s not translating into leads. Chances are, it’s not a supply problem but a distribution problem. All too often, these offers aren’t getting in front of the right buyers and they’re buried behind lengthy forms. This inevitably yields significant drop off and missed conversions. 

So what’s the solution? Marketing teams need to deliver targeted offers and simplify lead capture. This is how you prompt more engagement, drive higher conversion rates, and increase pipeline. 

Qualified AI Offers helps you surface relevant offers and capture more leads

Powered by the Qualified Platform, AI Offers is built to boost lead generation and gives B2B marketers yet another opportunity to automate the inbound pipeline generation process. 

When a buyer is on your website, Qualified will identify who they are then automatically serve the offer that is most likely to convert. For example, a buyer from Target Account may receive an invite to an exclusive event while a buyer who is in the Awareness stage may receive an offer for an ebook. Moreover, an embedded single-field form within each offer provides a simple and streamlined path to lead capture. It’s an absolute game changer.

With this new product comes some truly innovative features that bring even more automation and AI to the inbound pipeline generation motion.

NEW! PIPER OFFERS: Piper the AI SDR can automatically identify and engage valuable buyers in a conversation then serve them a compelling marketing offer that is most likely to convert. This all happens automatically based on Piper’s knowledge about the visitor and your active marketing offers. 

Piper the AI SDR automatically serves relevant offers for each buyer

NEW! AI OFFERS LEAD CAPTURE: Embed a single-field form within an offer to easily collect leads. Then instantly enrich each lead with valuable data—like company, title, and location—before pushing it to respective platforms, like Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot, or HubSpot. Leads can then be added to relevant email campaigns for immediate follow up. This is crucial for automating lead generation.

With a single-field form, you can capture leads with a single click

NEW! AI OFFERS AUDIENCE SEGMENTS: Build unique audience segments within Qualified—like Target Accounts, Open Opportunities, or Decision Stage—then assign specific offers to those segments. This bypasses the one-size-fits-all approach and takes each visitor on a tailored buying journey, boosting engagement.

Each buyer receives a personalized offer based on their buying journey

NEW! AI OFFERS CUSTOM TRIGGERS: Choose when and how offers are presented on the website. This may include gating content or triggering an offer on exit intent to keep buyers engaged. This feature provides even more flexibility when tailoring offers for each unique strategy.

Offers are presented at the right moment to maximize impact

NEW! AI OFFERS BUILDER: Design offers with simple point-and-click. Just input copy, choose the style, and add a CTA, like a button, link, or form. You can also select where the offer appears on the website with placement types, like a notification banner, sidebar, or pop-up modal. Then preview the offer on the chosen landing page before activating. This means you can say goodbye to web-dev tickets.

Build, preview, and activate offers with a few clicks

NEW! AI OFFERS CONVERSION ANALYTICS: Track performance with custom reports and dashboards to understand which offers are generating the most leads. This includes impressions, click-throughs, and conversions to help inform your optimization strategy.

Know how each offer is performing to optimize for the strongest performance

I am personally so excited about this new product and how it can accelerate pipeline for B2B marketing teams, including my own! And I’m not alone. Hundreds of Qualified customers, like LaunchDarkly, Suse, MNTN, Epson, Litmos, and Axiom are actively using Qualified AI Offers and seeing phenomenal results.

Want to learn more? 

Qualified AI Offers bolsters the Qualified PipelineAI product suite and helps marketers further automate the inbound pipeline generation process. Marketers can say goodbye to a one-size-fits-all approach for website offers and bypass arduous web forms; instead, they can easily control when buyers see which promotions and use a single form-fill to turn those buyers into leads instantly. If you’d like to learn more about AI Offers, just reach out to us directly on the site. As always, our team is standing by. 

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