Introducing Goals for Piper the AI SDR

Piper Goals help Piper the AI SDR hit her pipeline targets for your team, 24x7.

Introducing Goals for Piper the AI SDR
Watch Crystal Reitmeir, Director of Product Marketing, showcase Piper Goals in action
Crystal Reitmeir
Crystal Reitmeir
June 6, 2024
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Piper the AI SDR is on a mission to generate pipeline

In April, we unveiled some groundbreaking innovation with Piper the AI SDR. Piper is an AI worker you can hire to convert inbound website traffic into pipeline around the clock. She has all the skills of your best SDR, plus she can engage in countless conversations simultaneously and works around the clock. She can fill coverage gaps, work the front-lines, or be your sole inbound SDR. 

Today, we’re excited to introduce Piper Goals, designed to help Piper the AI SDR hit her pipeline targets for your team. Piper Goals drive Piper’s behavior and tell her exactly how to steer each conversation so she can convert high-quality website visitors into pipeline. This is what makes her so powerful as an AI SDR! Watch the demo video above 👆and keep reading below 👇 to see how it’s done.

Piper’s goals are designed to help you meet your pipeline goals

Piper doesn’t just passively answer questions like a regular ol’ chatbot, she proactively engages qualified visitors and nurtures them until they convert into pipeline. She is always working toward hitting her pipeline targets, just like any great SDR; and it starts with Piper Goals. Let’s break it down:

STEP ONE: Once Piper is engaged in a conversation, she’s on the lookout for cues that tell her how to achieve her goals. This could either be a visitor proactively showing interest in a certain call-to-action, like opting to book a meeting, or asking about specific topics, like pricing. Piper is smart and understands conversational context, so if a specific topic is mentioned she’ll know it’s time to leap into action.

Piper recognizes “pricing” as a conversational cue to qualify the visitor

STEP TWO: With the Qualified Platform, Piper has total visibility into each website visitor and will harness this insight to instantly qualify them based on your custom criteria. She can determine which visitors are high quality buyers and which visitors aren’t quite the right match for your business. And she does this in real time, with zero human involvement!

Piper determines whether the visitor is a qualified buyer

STEP THREE: Now that she knows which visitors are qualified, it’s time to convert! Piper will find the right moment and the best action and turn your buyers into pipeline. This could be presenting a relevant marketing offer, scheduling a meeting with a dedicated sales team, or passing off a buyer for a real time sales conversation. Moreover, Piper also knows which buyers aren’t qualified and will politely redirect them elsewhere to keep your teams focused on the buyers who matter most. 

Piper identifies the best action that is most likely to convert

Piper Goals is a game-changing capability that separates Piper from the pack. She understands that converting inbound pipeline is a top priority and is determined to meet her pipeline targets. Piper doesn’t just sit idly by, she proactively finds your best buyers and turns them into pipeline for your sales team. How’s that for a team player?

Ready to get started? 

Piper is ready to be at the top of your SDR leaderboard today. Want to dig deeper? Chat with Piper anytime and connect with the Qualified team to get started today. We can’t wait to see Piper turbocharge your pipeline goals.

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