Introducing Qualified Meetings

The next major innovation of the Pipeline Cloud designed to instantly book meetings with your best accounts.

Kraig Swensrud
Kraig Swensrud
December 7, 2022
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Qualified Meetings is the next major innovation of the Pipeline Cloud, designed to double website conversions and accelerate sales cycles for modern revenue leaders. 

A new meeting scheduling and routing solution, Qualified Meetings instantly books meetings with your best buyers right on the corporate website. Check out the demo video below to see it in action. 👇

Qualified Meetings: The next major innovation of the Pipeline Cloud

The Pipeline Cloud is the #1 pipeline generation platform for Salesforce customers. Powered by the Salesforce-connected website, the Pipeline Cloud offers a full-suite of pipeline generation capabilities, including Qualified Conversations, Qualified Buyer Intent Signals, Qualified for Outbound, and Qualified for Advertising. With Qualified Meetings, this is the modern pipeline generation motion for revenue teams.

A new meeting scheduling and routing solution, Qualified Meetings generates more pipeline from the website and speeds up the sales process by instantly booking meetings with your best buyers.

Qualified Meetings is the next major innovation in the Pipeline Cloud 

Qualified Meetings and Qualified Conversations, better together.

At Qualified, we’ve been saying it for years. Everything a B2B company does and every dollar spent — whether it’s paid ads, SEM, social media, events, promotions, outbound sequences, or webinars — is meant to drive potential buyers to the corporate website. When they arrive, sales reps should engage them right away! This is the time to strike because a real-time conversation increases the likelihood that these high-value buyers will convert into pipeline. This is possible with Qualified Conversations and it’s the heart of the Pipeline Cloud.

Not only can your sales reps actually talk to your best buyers in real time, they can also get the next meeting on the books to keep the conversation moving forward. This is how Qualified Meetings and Qualified Conversations work harmoniously when it comes to pipeline generation.

Optimize every form and CTA on your site for conversion

But what about all the other conversion points on your site, like links, buttons, and calls-to-action (CTAs)? Your website is littered with them, and they all lead to web forms. Historically, we’ve relied on forms to capture leads but conversion rates are at an all-time low at <2% (down from 10% in 2010). Why? 

When a qualified buyer submits a web form, they get a “request received” confirmation then sales reps begin their inefficient follow up that’s painful for buyers and sellers alike. It’s constant back-and-forth emailing and phone calls that take days, if not weeks, to get a meeting booked. This results in drawn out sales cycles and missed pipeline. It’s brutal. Why not give qualified buyers the option to book a meeting right away?

Double conversions and turn your website into a meeting booking machine

With Qualified Meetings, you can transform the web forms and CTAs on your website into an immediate conversion point. It’s an absolute game changer for modern revenue teams. 

Qualified Meetings accelerates the pipeline generation flywheel with brand new features, including:

MEETINGS FOR SMART FORMS: Skip the email back-and-forth and turn web forms into immediate pipeline. Once a form is submitted, custom scheduling options are instantly presented to qualified buyers so sales reps can focus on preparing for productive meetings rather than pursuing buyers.

Meetings for Smart Forms turns web forms into immediate pipeline

MEETINGS FOR SMART BUTTONS: Optimize website CTAs and bypass web forms altogether by automatically presenting known buyers and target accounts with custom scheduling options. Less effort and friction for buyers means more pipeline for your sales team.

MEETINGS FOR CONVERSATIONS: Engage qualified buyers in a real-time conversation, right on the website. This delivers a human-centric experience buyers crave. Before they depart, use Qualified Meetings to get that next meeting on the books and keep the conversation moving forward.

MEETING QUALIFICATION: Safeguard sales reps’ time by only booking meetings with their most worthwhile buyers. Powered by the Qualified Xforce Platform, Qualified connects the corporate website to Salesforce revealing exactly who is on the site at any given moment. Qualified then identifies which visitors are qualified based on predetermined buying criteria and offers completely bespoke scheduling experiences for each buyer using intricate Salesforce-driven routing rules and advanced branching logic.

MEETING ROUTING: Get the right attendees to meet at the most optimal time. With intelligent routing, Qualified determines the proper participants for each meeting based on unique Salesforce data — like Account Owner, Sales Rep, or Solutions Engineer. Qualified Meetings uses this logic to examine all attendee calendars and presents only the most relevant scheduling options to each individual buyer. This guarantees the right people are in the room and makes best use of their time.

MEETING TYPES: Configure Qualified Meetings to ensure buyers meet with sales teams in the right context. Meeting Types are used to define the type of meeting to be scheduled, like a 30-minute discovery call or a one-hour product demo. Setting this context at the time the meeting is scheduled increases attendance rates and meeting productivity.

‍Want to Learn More? 

Qualified Meetings is currently available to select Qualified customers and will be available widely in early 2023. If you want to learn more, just reach out to us directly on the site. As always, our team is standing by. We can’t wait to see how Qualified Meetings turns your website into a meeting booking machine.

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