Introducing Research Intent for Qualified Signals

Qualified Signals now offers third-party research intent data. Learn more about our latest feature.

Jessica Ding
Jessica Ding
August 30, 2022
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A vital part of the Pipeline Cloud, Qualified Signals now offers third-party research intent data. By combining first-party website engagement intent data with third-party research intent data, Qualified Signals gives customers a 360-degree view of account-based buying intent. Supercharged with these insights, sales and marketing teams can prospect smarter and maximize pipeline. Watch the demo video below to see this new feature in action. 👇

The Pipeline Cloud is the modern revenue motion

Earlier this year, we introduced the Pipeline Cloud: a revolutionary new set of technologies and processes that are guaranteed to help modern revenue leaders generate more pipeline, more intelligently. Now, in the face of challenging economic conditions, it’s more important than ever to demonstrate ROI and maximize pipeline. When you know the buying intent of your target accounts, you can intelligently shape your go-to-market strategy and focus your sales and marketing efforts. The result? More pipeline with greater efficiency. That’s why account-based buyer intent data is an essential part of the Pipeline Cloud motion.

Qualified Signals is a vital part of the Pipeline Cloud.

Say goodbye to flying blind and lost pipeline

Valuable buyers are opening your sales emails, clicking through your ads, interacting with your website, and researching your products everyday. All of these engagements indicate different levels of buying intent. Yet, your sales reps don’t have visibility into these key activities. Instead, they are left flying blind, unsure where to focus their attention, how to engage target accounts, and how deals are progressing. This is a huge missed opportunity and it’s costing you pipeline. 

What if your sellers could tap into the goldmine of first-party data from an account’s website engagement? What if they could understand an account’s online behavior and content consumption across third-party sources? What if they could know exactly which accounts to pursue and when in order to meet their quota? Now they can.

See a 360-degree view of account-based buying intent

Say hello to the next generation of Qualified Signals, an AI-based product that surfaces the buying intent of a B2B company’s target accounts. In addition to first-party website engagement intent data—like pages viewed, human and chatbot conversations, visitor recency and frequency, meetings booked, time on site, and more—Qualified Signals now includes third-party research intent data. Powered by Bombora's data co-op and Company Surge®, Research Intent data gives B2B companies visibility into their target account’s online behavior and content consumption across third-party sites. Not only can companies identify when target accounts are in research mode, they are also able to get a clear understanding of the products and services buyers are browsing.

This new integration touts five key features designed to help sales and marketing teams get in front of decision-makers at the most optimal time in their buying journey:

Signals AI Predictive Model: Using a proprietary scoring algorithm, Signals analyzes buying signals across owned web properties to identify high-intent accounts. Now, the model also considers buying signals from more than 5,000 third-party sites. With more robust data in the model, sales and marketing teams have a more holistic view of buying intent for target accounts that are in research mode and can focus their prospecting efforts on the right accounts at the right time.

Signals Research Intent: Signals classifies research intent by temperature–like Hot, Warm, or Cold–to help sales and marketing teams understand buying intent fluctuations over time for a specific account. When an account’s Research Intent is “Hot,” it means they’re researching select topics more frequently. In contrast, a “Cold” Research Intent suggests that the account is losing interest in select topics. This helps sales and marketing teams focus their time and outreach efforts, personalizing their messaging to align with the topics buyers care about most.

Signals Research Intent Score: Signals quantifies research intent on a scale of 0-100 to indicate how frequently selected topics were researched across third-party sources. The score is normalized against a 12-week historical baseline and updated once a week. Sales and marketing teams can stack-rank accounts by temperature and prioritize accounts that are most likely to convert. 

Signals Account Trend Graph: The dynamic Account Trend Graph shows reps how an account’s buying intent fluctuates over time. Now, the graph includes additional features—like a dotted line to visualize an account’s Research Intent trend and a lightbulb icon that specifies the date Research Intent was calculated. Hovering over the lightbulb icon reveals surging intent topics week-over-week . This helps reps understand an account’s priorities in real time and enables  them to personalize their outreach.

Current Research Topics: At the account level, Signals Account 360 showcases hundreds of data points about individual buyers rolled up under one account. This view now includes Current Research Intent, which shows the Signals Research Intent topics buyers from an account are researching. Topics are color coded either red, orange, or blue based on research levels, with red indicating high research levels and blue indicating low research levels. This helps sales and marketing teams quickly visualize and understand buying intent at a glance for each account. 

Get started today

This feature is currently available to all Pipeline Cloud and Qualified Signals customers. For more information, read these University articles and watch the demo video above 👆. If you’re ready to get started, check out the Signals Playbook, which has our top 10 strategies to help you maximize pipeline, and connect with your dedicated Qualified Success Architect. Or, just chat with us directly on the website. As always, our team is standing by.

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