Introducing Salesforce Genie

Learn why we're so excited about Salesforce's latest innovation.

Introducing Salesforce Genie
Shelly Weaver
Shelly Weaver
October 12, 2022
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Did you think we were done talking about Dreamforce? How could we be with so many exciting announcements–especially Salesforce’s latest innovation–Salesforce Genie. 

This new platform will be a huge game changer for Salesforce customers. 

What is Salesforce Genie?

Salesforce Genie is the real-time platform for customer magic, announced last month at Dreamforce. This new data tool solves a big problem–companies can now streamline customer data from all their channels into one place so that every data point is unified to create hyper-personalized customer experiences.

Think of it like this: when you call a customer support line, it often takes the agent a while to gather all your information, and piece together the history of your profile to get you to the right person. With Genie, those multiple data points will be updated in real-time, aggregating it all into a single unified customer profile. 

The speed at which Genie synthesizes data will change how we interact with businesses as customers. Say you’re browsing your favorite clothing site and click on a few items that are similar–that information can now be used to immediately update your recommendations so you see more of what you like, and less of what you don’t. 

Or you lose your credit card–you report it lost at noon, and at 12:05 PM when someone tries to use it, it’s already blocked thanks to Commerce Cloud Genie.

The ability to connect all of these data streams will lead to much more engaging customer experiences all around. 

How will Genie work with the Pipeline Cloud?

Salesforce Genie harmonizes data every millisecond, enabling your team to engage with your customers exactly where they are and when they need you. This is why we’re so excited about Genie–it turns our already powerful Pipeline Cloud into an even faster, real-time platform. We’ll use our recent booth setup at Dreamforce as an example of how we see Genie supercharging our product. 

We met so many potential customers at our booth and had some incredible conversations. We scanned badges at our speaking sessions and booth, which helps us follow up with leads after events. With Genie, that information gets ingested instantly, updating their customer profile in our Salesforce instance. 

This allows us to create a customer experience on our website specifically for Dreamforce attendees, so when that user visits our site as they’re walking away or later that week, they’re greeted with a personalized message that references meeting them at Dreamforce, and pick up right where they left off with our booth. 

Or think of the power Genie gives our outbound marketing tactics. Say a visitor comes to our website, and maybe they clicked in from an email we sent, leading to a conversation with one of our sales reps on our website. This conversation data will instantly be uploaded to their customer profile in Salesforce, allowing us to customize their journey moving forward. We can add them to an email drip that specifically caters to their needs based on their conversation with us, creating a hyper-personalized user experience without any gaps or manual moves on our end. 

Check Salesforce Genie out for yourself.

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