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Sirius Decisions 2019 Summit is a global gathering of elite B2B sales and marketing professionals, see what we're doing!

Thani Suchoknand
Thani Suchoknand
April 29, 2019
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We're gearing up for one of the largest B2B sales and marketing events of the year and hope that you can join us at this year's Sirius Decisions Summit 2019.  It's all taking place next week May 5-8 in Austin Texas. We'll be making some major product announcements with the Salesforce Pardot team and will be doing some fun activities to educate the modern B2B marketer on conversational marketing.

If you're attending the summit we would love to meet you. Our co-founders Kraig Swensrud and Sean Whiteley will be there to showcase our latest offerings.

Here are a few places you can find us at the event:

The Salesforce B2B Marketing Pavilion

The Salesforce B2B Marketing team is going to be taking over the expo hall at Sirius Decisions, and we'll be right there with them to showcase our new product. What is it exactly? We'll let you know more right here on our blog on Sunday night, cinco de mayo!

The Salesforce B2B marketing pavilion will be the center of attention in the expo hall, and is the place to learn more about B2B marketing automation, CRM, and conversational marketing all running on the World's #1 CRM. The pavilion is also the perfect place to relax, recharge, and meet with like-minded B2B marketing experts from around the globe who speak Pardot, Marketing Cloud, and of course, Qualified.

What: Qualified product showcase and demos
Where: The Salesforce Pavilion
When: Sunday May 5th - Wednesday May 8th

The B2B Marketing Trends Podcast

Marketing Trends is the premier podcast for B2B Marketers who want to up their game, complete with an intro every episode from none other than the chief salesman himself Alec Baldwin! At Sirius Decisions we'll be participating in the latest Marketing Trends episode on conversational marketing and will be talking about how real-time lead engagement had a material impact on KPIs like pipeline and revenue for B2B marketers.

What: Qualified Marketing Trends Podcast
Where: B2B Marketing Trends Podcast in the Expo Hall
When: Monday May 6, 10:00am

Until our episode goes live check out a few of our Marketing Trends podcast faves with Salesforce Pardot CMO Nate Skinner: How to Create Memorable Marketing Experiences and Twilio CMO Sara Varni: Opening the CMO Playbook

Qualified Customer Spotlight: ThoughtSpot

ThoughtSpot is one of the fastest growing tech companies in Silicon Valley with a simple message: Business needs to operate in real-time to compete in today's fiercely competitive environment. In this session ThoughtSpot VP Marketing Risa Peterson and Qualified co-founder Sean Whiteley will share the secrets to building a real-time demand generation process that sets your company apart and delights your buyers.

Session Title:
How ThoughtSpot’s Real-time Approach to Business is Showing Us the Future of B2B Demand Generation

Session Abstract:
We live in a real-time world. Companies like Lyft, Spotify, Amazon, and Netflix have dominated their respective markets largely due to their real-time service delivery model. As a result, there is a new set of expectations for buyers on the Web, including B2B buyers. But how are B2B sales and marketing teams evolving their approach to meet this new bar?

What: ThoughtSpot customer case study Session 1
Where: Track session Room 13AB
When: Monday May 6th, 12:00am-12:45am

What: ThoughtSpot customer case study Session 2
Where: Track session Room 13AB
When: Wednesday May 8th, 10:45am-11:30am

Salesforce Pardot: B2B Marketing on the World's #1 CRM

Salesforce Pardot is the world's leading marketing automation platform that runs natively on Salesforce CRM. In this session you'll hear directly from Salesforce executives Nate Skinner and Bill Reed as they discuss the power of the next generation of marketing automation from Salesforce

Session Detail:
Salesforce Pardot: B2B Marketing on the World’s #1 CRM

Session Abstract:
The age of intelligent marketing is here. If you’re like many marketers today, you are faced with disconnected tools that make your job harder. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. Learn how Salesforce Pardot can help you transform your organizations with AI, Analytics, and Account-Based Marketing all on one platform.

What: Salesforce Pardot track session
Where: Spotlight Theatre in the Marketplace
When: Wednesday May 8th, 1:10pm-1:30pm


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