Make the switch–moving from Drift to Qualified couldn't be easier

No one has time to waste right now. We make the switch from Drift to Qualified as easy and hands-off as possible with our incredible customer success team.

Shelly Weaver
Shelly Weaver
January 18, 2023
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We hear from plenty of teams that they love what they see in our demos and the results our customers brag about, but they just aren’t sure they can get all of their key players on board with replacing their Drift setup. 

And we get it. Who has time for a complicated and lengthy implementation process when every minute counts, especially right now? 

Not us. And not you, either. 

That’s why we’re pulling back the curtain and giving you an inside look at the implementation process when a customer switches from Drift to Qualified to see how quickly you can get to go-live, and hear customer stories straight from the source so you know we’re not just full of it. 

Switching to Qualified is easy and our customers are always glad they took that leap of faith. 

Let’s get into just how seamless the process is. 

Implementation breakdown and go-live timeline

Our goal is to get each customer ramped and seeing immediate ROI as quickly as possible. We’ve done hundreds of Drift replacements and have our process pretty dialed in. In fact, we can get most Drift customers up and running on Qualified in just 7 days. 

Of course, there’s more to it than that, and a full implementation requires some time to make the necessary tweaks to make sure your team is crushing their goals. We break the implementation process into two phases:

Phase I Drift Parity Go-Live

The initial implementation phase can be done in a week, requiring only a few hours of hands-on time from your team. This involves getting to know your team, understanding your current Drift setup, and aligning on your pipeline generation strategy and KPIs. 

We’ll get connected to your Salesforce instance and any key integrations (check out this list of platforms we integrate with) and get your app up and running. From there, we’ll get to work on your lead routing and mapping, build out your experiences, and test to make sure that all of your data flows are working as they should.

The most important thing we’ll do in that first phase is to make sure your team is educated, trained, and empowered to use Qualified to the fullest extent. We’ll have live training as well as certification programs and a massive amount of Qualified University content to help guide your admin and sales team through any possible scenario. 

By the end of Phase I, your team is ready to log into the app and start connecting with your buyers in real-time. 

You can expect your time commitment to look like this: 


👩‍💻Web Developer: 1 hour

👱SFDC & Marketing Automation Admin: 2.5 hours

🧑‍Sales Lead: 3 hours

👩‍Demand Gen Lead: 2.5 hours

👥 SDRs: 1.5 hours

Phase II Experience Optimization

In Phase II, our team spends about 3 weeks reviewing your specific needs and use cases and adjusting and creating new experiences to meet those needs. We’ll work with you to create a more comprehensive routing pipeline generation strategy and make sure that those initial goals and KPIs are the right measurements of success for your team. This will require roughly 9 hours of time with your team. 

The time commitment from your team breaks down like this: 


👩‍Executive sponsor: 1 hour

👩‍Demand Gen Lead: 3-5 hours

👩‍💻Web Developer: 1 hour

👱SFDC & Marketing Automation Admin: 1 hour

🧑‍SDR Manager: 2-3 hours

Meet your new besties

Is all of this sounding a little too good to be true? The reason we’re able to quickly and efficiently get customers swapped over to Qualified is that we’ve built our entire company around doing Whatever It Takes to make sure our customers are successful with our platform. Our customer success program gets 5-star, glowing reviews from our customers for a reason. 

Our customer success and support teams are in a league of their own. 

The implementation goes so smoothly because you get a dedicated Qualified Success Architect that essentially becomes a member of your team. Their entire job is to understand your business needs, pipeline generation goals, and work with you to build out a program that blows any other pipeline generation platform out of the water. 

Our support team moves quickly and proactively to provide anything our customers need, usually before they even notice anything has gone wrong. When our customers have ideas about features or integrations they’d like to see, we listen. 

But everyone believes their team is the cream of the crop, so we’ll let our customers brag on our behalf. 

"Qualified has been a valuable tool that has increased the quantity and quality of our leads. Our customer success architect, Logan, has been an incredible resource. He has provided us with great insight that has further increased the value of the product for us. Would recommend working with Qualified and Logan to anyone.” 

-Jack Renwick, Marketing Associate, GrubHub

“I work in ops, so I don’t interact with the tool very much, but I’ve been helping the marketing team with implementation to ensure the correct data’s getting in Salesforce. Andrew, our Success Architect, has been an amazing resource throughout the process. The possibilities and granularity of Qualified to customize the user experience seem endless, and Andrew’s building it all.” 

-Eric Luu, Rev Ops Associate, Groove Labs, Inc. 

Customers that aren’t looking back

Listen, we can tell you how easy everything is and how badass our teams are all day long–but what really matters is how our customers’ pipeline is performing. ROI is the name of the game, and our customers average 42x ROI in their first 12 months with Qualified. 


Natterbox, a native telephony provider for Salesforce, switched to the Pipeline Cloud on their corporate website and doubled down by rolling out AppExchange chat on their listing. 

The results? In the last 12 months, they’ve generated $13M in pipeline and $4.8M in revenue. 

“Within the first three months, we had a 300% increase in marketing qualified leads.” 

-Sophie Winter, Global Head of Marketing

Metadata, a marketing ops automation platform, switched from Drift which required users to engage with the bot before they could be routed, which caused a 70% drop-off rate due to low engagement. 

When they switched to the Pipeline Cloud, they were able to quickly and efficiently recognize visitors and personalize their interactions, driving visitor engagement to new highs. They’ve generated $3.5M in pipeline in the last 5 months, a 927% ROI. 

“Qualified is the only tool I’ve ever implemented where our sales team was drooling over how cool it was.”

-Mark Huber, Head of Brand & Product Marketing


OwnBackup is a leading data protection platform that struggled with their legacy conversational marketing app resulting in poor lead quality and high drop-off rates. They were able to unify their buyer experience with account-based personalization and conversation flows, letting reps view visitor actions and engage visitors on a one-to-one level with hyper-personalized chats. 

This resulted in over $6M in pipeline generated and a 50% increase in pipeline in the last 12 months. 

“Within months of putting chatbots on our site, we generated $6M in pipeline. Always-on sales!” 

-Ori Yankelev, CRO

Curious how making the switch from Drift to Qualified can help you achieve results like these? Chat with one of our team members in the chatbox below, we’ll meet you there 👋

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