Pouncing 101–tips & tricks with Brittney

Join Brittney from the Customer Education team and learn about the art of the pounce, and how to keep your teams motivated when initiating conversations on your website.

Pouncing 101–tips & tricks with Brittney
Brittney Enfinger
Brittney Enfinger
July 8, 2022
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Pouncing is amazing, right?

Sales reps are able to have a proactive conversation the moment their target accounts arrive on the site even before prospects engage with the Qualified chatbot! This means that as visitors scroll on the website, a rep can begin a conversation with them based on what they’re looking at and instantly answer all of their questions to determine if the product/solution might be right for them.

The ability to proactively start a conversation is a huge benefit to Qualified. It’s important to keep it to normal everyday lingo but in doing that, sometimes we expect a normal everyday response rate. 

Let me explain.

What does a good pounce rate look like?

If you’re texting a friend, you probably expect a reply 100% of the time. Chatting on Qualified is pretty similar to texting–it should be casual, on brand, 1:1 communication that we hope allows prospects to connect with us and our brand. Even though that’s exactly the type of conversation flow we want, the response rates aren’t going to look like texting. 

A great response rate for pouncing is around 10%, which is much higher than email outreach or cold calling, but a lot less than texting with your friends. Keep this in mind as you’re coaching your reps to pounce.

Sales Managers here at Qualified look at two things when it comes to pouncing. How many times are sales reps pouncing and how many times do website visitors respond to those pounces. When you’re getting your team started out and set up on Qualified–-try and have your sales team aim for a 7% conversion rate.

To get there, this means two things: reps should be pouncing a lot and being creative with their outreach in order to get a reply. In this industry we’re incredibly creative with our outbound emails–why not with our chats too?!

How to keep your sales team motivated

Quick math here: a 7% conversion rate means reps should pounce 100 times to see 7 replies. Thinking through that, after pouncing 30 times with no reply (statistically speaking, it could happen) your reps may feel discouraged. If this comes up, try these:

Highlight great pounces

Have a Slack/Teams channel? Celebrate wins and share success by posting there! Not only is it instant feedback for your rep that pounced, but it’s also inspiration for the rest of the team! 

Refer Your Reps To Pouncing Help Guides

Did you know that Qualified has best practice guidance on Qualified University? Check out our pouncing best practice guides here: Pouncing Fundamentals & Pounce Like a Pro. We also have a Sales Rep course that every sales rep should take advantage of!

Run a SPIFF For the Month

Sales SPIFFs are great to motivate your team, but make sure you’re compensating and rewarding your team for metrics that optimize your team’s use of Qualified- like answering all inbound chat requests during normal business hours, having a certain pounce rate conversion %, or pouncing on 100% of a specific stream (e.g., Paid Advertising). 

Our favorite conversation starters

If your reps are feeling a little unsure about how to start conversations, we have a few faves that help our own reps get some engagement from visitors.

- Human here! 👋 Human there?

- I see you hopping around pages… can I help you find what you’re looking for?

- Hey there, Happy Friday! We did it 🙌

- Not ready to chat, that’s ok! If you change your mind, I’ll be down here👇

- Not looking to chat with a bot? Good thing I’m human! 💁♀️

Still looking for more ideas? Try chatting with our team right on the site, they're the original Pounce Pros! 

For more helpful tips and best practices, head on over the Qualified.com/University.

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