Qualified for Salesforce Pardot product overview

Learn everything you can do with the power of Qualified's conversational marketing solution on the World's #1 CRM

Qualified for Salesforce Pardot product overview
Bing Yang
Bing Yang
May 5, 2019
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Qualified for Salesforce Pardot is now live! Cue the confetti 🎉🎉🎉

Qualified for Salesforce Pardot is a new integrated service that delivers out-of-the-box conversational marketing capability to Salesforce Pardot's award-winning B2B marketing automation suite, all running on Salesforce, the World's #1 CRM.

So what does it do and how does it work? It's all about how you pass your hottest sales-ready leads over to reps for immediate action. Qualified for Salesforce Pardot makes the marketing and sales handoff immediate and seamless. Instead of relying on traditional forms and slow follow-ups, Qualfiied connects your sales team with hot leads in real-time, at the precise moment they are on your website and ready to engage. But for your company, how do you identify who is a qualified, sales-ready lead?

Qualifying prospects with the power of Salesforce Pardot

Thanks to the broad B2B marketing capability of Pardot, you can now qualify leads instantly for immediate engagement by your inside sales reps. And with Qualified for Salesforce Pardot running live on your website 24/7, you can identify qualified leads based on the rules that matter to you, like target customer profile, campaign spend/attribution, or even higher fidelity metrics like prospect score and grade.

Instant qualification by Pardot Campaigns

When Pardot marketing campaigns are highly targeted and personalized, responses to these campaigns alone can form the basis of instant qualification for sales.  Examples of these campaigns can include: search marketing campaigns, LinkedIn campaigns, social media campaigns, ABM campaigns, paid placements, and email marketing campaigns. Now you can use campaign IDs and URL parameters in your Pardot campaigns to qualify inbound prospects based on campaign responses from highly targeted advertisements.

Instant qualification by Pardot Landing Pages

Pardot landing pages are designed by online marketers to improve the chances of conversion, with a succinct and brief marketing message, combined with a clear and concise offer.  Examples of these landing pages include ABM landing pages, event landing pages, and Tier 1 campaign landing pages. Now you can use Pardot landing pages (in addition to your www marketing site) to instantly qualify high value prospects. Because as we all know, landing pages were built for conversion!

Qualify returning prospects with Pardot Dynamic Content

Pardot dynamic content can be placed on your company’s website to identify known Pardot prospects.  These known prospects, when combined with real-time website behavior, can instantly qualify a lead in real-time.  For example, a Pardot prospect can be instantly qualified when they return to your site and view your pricing page. You can use this, combined with other Pardot data, such a score and grade.

Instantly qualify ideal customers with Pardot Smart Forms

Websites already contain numerous Pardot smart forms for lead capture.  Now Pardot smart forms can instantly qualify lead capture data in real-time, and if they meet your criteria, a sales rep can be made available to meet with them instantly.  For example, if the smart form contains a killer qualification question, such as product interest, qualification rules can fire immediately based on the value of this field. Don't send your ideal buyers away with a "we'll get back to you later message," talk to them immediately for maximum conversion.

Use Pardot Score and Grade to qualify prospects instantly

Prospect scoring and grading are the two components of lead qualification built natively into Pardot. Lead score defines a prospects level of interest in buying from you, and lead grade defines how well of a fit they are to your company. Qualified for Salesforce Pardot allows you to use these two metrics to instantly connect leads to your sales team. Score and grade are just 2 examples of Pardot data you can use for instant qualification, but the power of the platform lets you use any Pardot prospect data fields.

Know who's clicking through your emails, and engage accordingly

Finally, Pardot email campaigns and engagement programs are the answer for nurturing warm leads and converting them into sales-ready leads.  Now responses to a Pardot Email campaigns, one-to-one emails, and engagement program responses can serve as the basis for instant qualification and connection to sales. Because when a prospect clicks through one of your emails and lands on your site, you know immediately who they are and whether or not you want your sales team engaging instantly.

Built natively on Salesforce

Qualified for Salesforce Pardot runs natively on the Salesforce Platform, which means it's been built using rigid Salesforce standards, and it's been tested and vetted by the platform and security pros at Salesforce. That also means that the integration quality and  feature set around Salesforce Pardot and Salesforce CRM are second-to-none.

We're excited for you to try Qualified for Salesforce Pardot and to hear your feedback. Join hundreds of other Salesforce Pardot customers that are changing the game with conversational marketing, and moving to a real-time process for engaging qualified leads. Sign up for a live demo below or talk to us live here on our site and we'll show you how it works and get it configured in your environment.

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