Qualified's AI Trust & Safety commitment

In light of the recent Executive Order outlining AI governance in the United States, we'd like to revisit our commitment to responsible AI.

Qualified's AI Trust & Safety commitment
Bing Yang
Bing Yang
October 31, 2023
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In light of President Biden's recent Executive Order on the responsible and trustworthy development of artificial intelligence (AI), I want to reiterate Qualified’s unwavering commitment to pioneering AI solutions that rely on a foundation of safety, security, and trust. 

Trust is our #1 priority, always

Our work in building pipeline generation tools for marketers is deeply rooted in ethical AI practices, and everything we do is built on the foundation of Trust. We understand the profound implications of AI on privacy, civil rights, and the global economy, which is why we remain committed to our pledge to uphold the highest standards in AI safety and security, aligned with the U.S. government's vision and global protocols we know are following soon. 

We remain focused on the five core tenets of Qualified AI–Responsible, Transparent, Safe, Accountable, and Reliable. 

We’re leading by example

As leaders in the technology space, we know that it’s crucial to set the tone that safety has to come before anything else we do, and we call on our peers to do the same. We are dedicated to advancing AI that is beneficial, respects individual privacy, and promotes fairness and equity, based on the globally accepted NIST AI Risk management framework. 

This voluntary framework has informed our product development and will continue to serve as our guideline to incorporating trustworthiness into our design and development of AI technologies. 

Whatever It Takes to keep our customers safe

Our partnership with our customers has always informed everything we do at Qualified. We don’t take their trust in us–and our products–lightly and as we seek to keep innovating and bringing the power of AI to their websites, we will stay focused on the critical role we play in the responsible use of these AI capabilities. 

This Executive Order is only the first step in providing a clear framework in the governance of AI development in the United States and we know this will be an evolving process. Our team is committed to staying informed, adhering to the strictest safety guidelines, and leading the way in responsibility as these technologies become more and more available to the public. 

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